Dutch Rose Blanket CAL – Part 1: Motif 1 (Full Flower Hexagon)

Hello, everyone! Welcome to part 1 of the Dutch Rose Blanket CAL.

If you haven’t already, head to the main CAL page to see how to join in with us for this CAL, including the FB group link for community support. There is a lot of great info on that page, so be sure to read al the way to the bottom to answer questions you may have.

Today, I have the chart and video for Motif 1. Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel so you won’t miss a thing! For this portion of the CAL, you will be working all of the full flower hexagons (Motif 1) for your layout. Part 2 (Motif 2) will be March 5th.

This is a very casual CAL, so please don’t feel rushed or stressed. You can put progress pics in the FB group whenever you are working on the blanket. I love to see them, and have been compiling them in my Instagram profile story highlights.

PDF Pattern

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