Crochet Motif: Madrone Square

Madrone Square




Each of the VVCAL 2018 Squares were dedicated to a tree by one of the members of my CypressTextiles Tree Huggers Facebook group.

The Madrone Square was named by Ruth Andrews and Andrea Holme. Thank you both.



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Materials and Measurements

  • Yarn: Scheepjes Softfun Denim (affiliate link) – (60% Cotton, 40% Acrylic); (140m/50g); Color 2612
  • Hook: US Size 4.5mm
  • Size: 6 inches

Key Stitch Descriptions

  • 2dccl 2dc cluster: (yoh, insert hook in st/sp, yoh, pull up lp, yoh, draw yarn through 2 lps) 2 times, yoh, draw yarn through 3 lps
  • beg beginning
  • beg 2dccl beginning 2dc cluster: (beg dc, dc) in st/sp – dc counts as top of st when joining round
  • beg dc (sc, ch1) – counts as 1 dc
  • chN chain N number of times
  • dc double crochet
  • lp loop
  • MR make ring: slip knot, ch3, ss in third ch from hook
  • pcorn popcorn: 4dc in st/sp indicated, release lp, insert hook front to back in first dc, grab lp, pull lp to front of work
  • sc single crochet
  • skN skip N number of sts
  • sp space (chain space)
  • ss slip stitch
  • st stitch
  • yoh yarn over hook

Video Instruction

This video tutorial includes information on how to:

  • Make the beg dc and join rounds neatly
  • Make a cluster stitch
  • Weave ends as you go

Charted Instruction



Written Instruction

Rnd 1 MR, beg 2dccl, (ch2, 2dccl) 7 times, ch2, ss in beg 2dccl. [8 2dccl, 8 sp]

Rnd 2 Ss in first ch, beg dc, (ch2, 2dc in same sp, ch1, pcorn in next sp, ch1, 2dc in next sp) 4 times omitting final st, ss in beg dc. [4 pcorn, 16 dc, 12 sp]

Rnd 3 Beg dc in sp, (5dc in same sp, ch1, sc in pcorn, ch1, dc in next sp) 4 times omitting final st, ss in beg dc. [24 dc, 4 sc, 8 sp]

Rnd 4 Beg 2dccl in next st, * ch2, 2dccl, ch3, (2dccl in next dc, ch2) 4 times, 2dccl in next dc, rep from * 3 times omitting final 2dccl, ss in beg 2dccl. [24 2dccl, 24 sp]

Rnd 5 (2sc in next sp, 5sc in next sp, 2sc in next 2 sps, 3sc in next sp, 2sc in next sp) 4 times, ss in first sc. [64 sc]

Rnd 6 Ss in next st, beg dc in next st, * ch1, sk1, (dc, ch3, dc) in next st, (ch1, sk1, dc) 7 times, rep from * 3 times omitting final st, ss in beg dc. [36 dc, 36 sp]

Rnd 7 (Sc in all sts/sps to corner, 5sc in corner sp) 4 times, sc in all sts/sps to beg, ss in first sc. [88 sc]


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