A-Z Crochet Pattern List

Hi, there! Welcome to my text-only list of CypressTextiles crochet patterns. Grab a cuppa and your hooky and dive in!

My book: The Art of Crochet Blankets

Full Crochet Blankets

Amazon Crochet Blanket

Autumn Blues Crochet Blanket

Beach Hut Crochet Blanket

Birdsong Crochet Blanket

Callie Crochet Blanket

Candy Puffs Crochet Blanket

Carefree Relaxghan (Free)

Chevron2.0 Crochet Blanket

Colorburst Crochet Blanket

Cottage Quilt Crochet Blanket

Cottontail Crochet Blanket (Free)

Cozy Flowers Crochet Blanket (Free)

Desert Bloom Crochet Blanket

Dutch Rose Crochet Blanket (Free)

English Rose Granny Square Crochet Blanket (Free)

Four Square Crochet Blanket (Free)

Gelato Crochet Blanket

Gemma Crochet Blanket

Geometric Lace Crochet Blanket

Good Vibes Relaxghan (Free)

Gumball Crochet Blanket (Free)

Happy Little Tree Relaxghan (Free)

Hearthside Crochet Blanket (Free)

Hexagon Burst Blanket (Free)

Hexagon Kitty Crochet Blanket (Free)

Indigo Blossom Crochet Blanket

Island Wildflower Crochet Blanket (Free)

Let it Go Relaxghan (Free)

Lotus Leaf Crochet Blanket

Magic Flying Carpet Crochet Blanket

Modern Patchwork Blanket

Moon Landing Blanket (Free)

Namaste Chunky Crochet Blanket

New Horizons Crochet Blanket

Offset Circles Crochet Blanket

Painted Hexagons Crochet Blanket

Polka Dot Crochet Blanket

Rosa Fresca Crochet Blanket

Seaglass Crochet Blanket

Self Love Relaxghan (Free)

Spring Flatlay Crochet Blanket

Sunshine Crochet Blanket (Free)

Threaded Colors Chevron Blanket

Tiny Garden Crochet Blanket

Trellis and Chevron Crochet Blanket

Unbothered Relaxghan (Free)

Zendoodle Crochet Blanket

Zipper Stripe Crochet Blanket (Free)

BYOB: Build Your Own Blanket

Free Crochet Blocks / Motifs

Note: All of these squares are 88 stitches on the final round, unless otherwise noted. Choose any blocks and make a blanket out of them!

African Flower Half Hexagon Motif

Alma Crochet Square

Amanda Crochet Square

Ana Maria Crochet Square

Andrea Crochet Square

Ashley Crochet Square

Beth Crochet Square

Birch Crochet Square

Carolyn Crochet Square

Cecilia Crochet Square

Cherry Blossom Crochet Square

Clematis Taiga Crochet Square

Crepe Myrtle Crochet Square

Crystal Crochet Square

Cypress Crochet Square

Darlene Crochet Square

Delton Crochet Square

Dogwood Crochet Square

Emily Crochet Square

Eucalyptus Crochet Square

Faye Crochet Square

Gabriella Crochet Square

Ghost Gum Crochet Square

Gingko Crochet Square

Jacaranda Crochet Square

Johnny Crochet Square

Joshua Tree Crochet Square

Lace Half Crochet Hexagon Motif

Laura Crochet Square

Lincoln Crochet Square

Live Oak Crochet Square

Lupita Crochet Square

Madrone Crochet Square

Mae Crochet Square

Magnolia Crochet Square

Mangrove Crochet Square

Mary Crochet Square

Melissa Crochet Square

Michele Crochet Square

Mini Circle of Friends Square (Not 88 sts)

Nicolas Crochet Square

One Love Crochet Square (Not 88 sts)

Palm Tree Crochet Square

Passion Flower Crochet Square

Perfect Granny Square (Not 88 sts)

Plain Granny Square

Postage Stamp Block (Not 88 sts)

Rachel Crochet Square

Raymond Crochet Square

Rebecca Crochet Square

Red Maple Crochet Square

Rose Crochet Crochet Square

Rowan Tree Crochet Square

Sarah Crochet Square

Shasta Daisy Crochet Square

Sofia Crochet Square

Sunflower Crochet Square

Teresa Crochet Square

Trampoline Block (Not 88 sts)

Wanda Crochet Square

Weeping Willow Crochet Square

William Crochet Square

Free Crochet / Sewn Joining Methods

Celtic Lace Join (JAYG)

Celtic Lace Junior and Mini Joins (JAYG)

SC Continuous Join as-you-go for Hexagons (CJAYG)

SC Continuous Join as-you-go for Triangles (CJAYG)

Continuous Join as-you-go (Again!) – granny stitch

Continuous Flat Braid Join for Squares (CJAYG)

Continuous Flat Braid Join for Hexagons (CJAYG)

Flat Braid Join for Squares (JAYG)

Flat Braid Join with only 1 ch (“Tiny Cable Join”) (JAYG)

Row-by-Row Join as-you-go (JAYG)

Free Crochet Borders

Big Leaf Crochet Border

Meringue Crochet Edging

Playful Lace Scallop Crochet Edging

Treble Scallop Edging

Vibrant Vintage Blanket Border

Crochet Scarves and Wraps

Coastal Garden Shawl

Hundred Chain Scarf

Rebecca Mobius Scarf (Free)