Work Single Crochet Flat – Back and Forth


Work Single Crochet “Flat” or “Back and Forth”

In this video, you will learn how to turn your work and make single crochet stitches in the opposite direction, making a back and forth piece that is worked flat. Linked below, you will find a special project, the Linen Stitch Washcloth, which is designed to help you practice. Be sure to jump to this next step, as it will be very helpful to complete this project (coming August 9).

Video Instruction

Left-handed Video Instruction is coming!

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Learn to Crochet, Level 1 Table of Contents:

  • Introduction and prepare materials
  • Learn to Crochet, Step 1: First stitches to learn
  • Learn to Crochet, Step 2: Work single crochet flat, or “back-and-forth” (You are here)
    • Video includes making a turning chain, and how to count your chains
    • Bonus: Maintain even tension without working too loose or too tight.
    • Practice Project: You Can Crochet This! Linen Stitch Washcloth (Coming August 9)
  • Learn to Crochet, Step 3: Work single crochet “in the round”
    • Make a ring
    • Join the round
    • Slip stitch
    • Bonus: Make increases to create a flat circle.
    • Practice Project: You Can Crochet This! SC Circle Facial Scrubbie