Learn to Crochet: Level 1

Learn to Crochet: Level 1

Welcome to the first steps of learning to crochet. In this first section, we will learn to crochet from the very beginning, stopping after each step to crochet our first projects with the You Can Crochet This! series. The You Can Crochet This! series includes projects that only require the skills that you have learned so far in this program. They are designed to allow you to practice your new crochet skills. Bonus material is also included for further enrichment. It is super important that you work through this series in the order it is presented, because each skill set builds on the one before.

Let’s get started!

Prepare Materials

You need only 3 things to get started crocheting! Yay!

Set of Crochet Hooks

You can find a set of crochet hooks at WoolWarehouse.com (affiliate link). You can also just start with 2 different hooks, one smaller than the other. Then use the larger hook to make your piece, and the smaller hook to weave your yarn tails/ends. I do not use a tapestry needle for weaving ends, but many do. You can find a tapestry needle here (affiliate link). I recommend starting with a size hook 4.5-6.5mm or even larger, as it will be easier to maneuver.

Some Yarn

You can use any type of yarn. When you buy a yarn, make sure it is not too thick or too thin. If you read the ball band, you will see “Aran” or “Worsted” and that’s what you want. I would stay away from anything thicker or thinner in the beginning.

More recommendations:

  • Pick a cotton or cotton / acrylic blend, or even plain acrylic. Check the ball band for the fiber content.
  • The yarn I use for the beginner videos is perfect for beginners. It is Scheepjes Cahlista – find it at Deramores (affiliate), or any Scheepjes retailer.
  • Don’t choose a yarn that’s too fuzzy as it will be hard to work with and obscure the stitches.
  • Find a yarn with a thick enough weight for your hook. The ball band will show you which size hook is recommended, but you will likely use size 4.5mm-6.5mm hook.

Sharp Scissors

You probably have a pair of scissors in your home! Check!

Now you have everything you need to learn to crochet. Happy dance!

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