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Continuous Flat Braid Join Tutorial

Part 1: How to join all of your squares up to the final column. Part 2 will include your final left-hand column of squares plus finishing the border. Many of you will say this is confusing and crazy! There is definitely a "light-bulb" moment that has to go off, and then its smooth sailing, and… Continue reading Continuous Flat Braid Join Tutorial

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Daily Mood Blanket 2014

Here are my daily moods of 2014 by month. I am using the Carey Jolliffe Graphic Arts collection of Pantone Matching System colors - visual aid here - to select my mood color. January || February || March || April May || June || July || August September || October || November || December * * * *… Continue reading Daily Mood Blanket 2014

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Chevron2.0: Standard Vs. Extra Thick

Through all of the Chevron blankets I have made, I always get questions about the thickness of my work, and if I use two strands of yarn. With a couple of adjustments to the original standard-thickness pattern, you can make a plush and squishy chevron piece for a drafty nursery or a chilly workspace. The… Continue reading Chevron2.0: Standard Vs. Extra Thick