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Vibrant Vintage CAL – Main

Welcome to the Vibrant Vintage CAL (VVCAL) Information Page! Here you will find the fully-linked timeline (near the top for easy access), design basics, and color choices for our blanket.   Loving the VVCAL and feeling generous? Help me support a dear friend of mine who is battling stage 4 renal cancer, while raising 2 toddlers (one recently adopted, and one surprise successful pregnancy!). Click here to donate – any amount will help, and I genuinely appreciate it! Link leads to I’ll link all patterns and instructions as I write them up, this way you can skip around and/or use joining and border instructions for other projects through the year. If something is not anywhere linked, it just means I have not added the post yet. Adjust your CAL speed to as slowly or quickly you’d like to complete your blanket. Related Links Ravelry ebook the patterns so far, with full instruction, charted instruction, and at the end of the PDF, you will find a condensed version of the pattern for printing (ink saver!) NOTE: click URL in that …


What’s New in Town?

I love the crochet community in my little area of the Internet. Get to know some of my neighbors!   See the latest projects that folks are making from some of my most popular patterns: Geometric Lace || Gumball || Chevron2.0 Visit my collaborative post “Free Alternatives to My Paid Patterns” for some great ideas, or to share a link Head to to meet some awesome folks who are crocheting along with me and my pals Join in the discussion by posting a comment, heading to Instagram, or jumping over to Facebook


Free Alternatives to My Paid Patterns!

If you’ve been looking for some free patterns which are similar to my paid patterns, I’ve started a list of some great ones to try. It’s not much right now, but as I make time to research more, I’ll be linking them here. Have you stumbled upon additional free alternatives out there? Please comment with the link. I’d love to add more to my list, and there are so many fabulous free patterns out there by some truly lovely designers! – Rachele C. Xx PS: To purchase any of my patterns listed on this page, or browse my growing archive of free patterns, head over to my Complete Pattern List!   My Design: Painted Hexagons Or try these similar freebies! Pattern: Ruby Hexagon Blanket ||  Designer: Nova Seals Or, browse the 113+ FREE crochet patterns under the search term “Granny Hexagon Blanket” My Design: Polka Dot Or try these similar freebies! Pattern: Polka Dot Baby Blanket || Designer: Red Heart Design Team My Design: Gumball Or try these similar freebies! Pattern: Happy Colors Blanket Tutorial || Designer: Just Do Pattern: Bear’s Rainbow Blanket || Designer: Purl …


Mystery Square Free Pattern

UPDATE: Mystery Solved! The lovely Destany at IG username CayenneJalapeno made the square pictured below, which is based loosely on the Gothic Square (square #94) in the book 200 Crochet Blocks (Ravelry). Thank you Destany, for this beautiful inspiration!! Go follow Destany on IG and see pics of her lovely work and beautiful family 🙂 Destany’s original pattern is coming soon and we are even planning a CAL together for this wonderful square over at – In the meantime, check out the IG tag #mysterysquare2014 to see all of the awesome squares everyone has made from this pretty design. ************************************************************ UPDATE #2!: Pattern Uploaded to Ravelry Destany has now uploaded her original free pattern for her square entitled “Victorian Lattice Square” on Since this is her design, I’ll be removing my instruction, but I’ll leave my pictures up. To make this square, please download the free pattern and contact Destany on IG if you have any questions. 🙂 ************************************************************* Mystery Square! If you know who made this, please let me know and I will link! For now, this square pictured …


The Carly Project

The Carly Project | March 2014 I participated in this huge hat donation project lead by Selah of Simply by Selah (@simplybyselah on Instagram) with one big, giant, looming question in my mind… “Can I even make hats??” Creating blankets for my shop BabyLove Brand has been my sole creative endeavor for the past two years, and over time I have developed a fear of small projects that require specific gauge and careful stitch counting. Scared to even look at patterns, I started off by getting creative with bits and pieces of unfinished work from my past. I made these four hats out of odds and ends. This pink hat used to be the front half of a baby gown worked at a very fine gauge back in the days when I used to knit. Using sharp scissors, I cut the knitting under the armpits, but above the empire waist eyelet round (meant for threading ribbon to add a bow), and I sewed the rectangle into a tube. Then, I threaded yarn through the eyelets and cinched that side, which became the top. I wrapped and wrapped …