VVCAL Reboot

VVCAL Week 8

Welcome to Week 8 of the VVCAL reboot. This week, we will be making four squares. The Eucalyptus Square, the Ghost Gum Square, and two of the Plain Granny Square. Exciting!

Remember we are using hashtag #VVCAL – so tag ’em if you got ’em!


VVCAL Reboot Week 8

Visit the VVCAL 2018 Main Info Page for more details including the weekly schedule and where to join other VVCALers!

  • Yarn: Scheepjes Softfun (affiliate link) – (60% Cotton, 40% Acrylic); (140m/50g)
  • Color: If using the Warm Neutrals palette, make 5 square each of 9 colors, and 6 squares each of 3 colors, leaving the cream aside for joining and border.
  • Hook: US Size 4.5mm
  • Size: 6 inches

Make 2 of the Plain Granny, and the 1 each of the “design” squares:

Any text that is not yet linked will be linked shortly! 🙂

  1. Plain Granny Square Pattern / Dutch translation / YouTube Video / Ravelry link – This humble plain granny square is perhaps the most important square in the #VVCAL. You will make at least one every week of the CAL, and use this square to make sure the rest of your squares are the right size.
  2. Eucalyptus Square Pattern / Dutch translation / YouTube Video / Ravelry link
  3. Ghost Gum Square Pattern / Dutch translation / YouTube Video / Ravelry link

Dutch Translation for this page.

Thanks for joining in, y’all!

Happy crafting,

Rachele C.


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  1. I have a question about the eucalyptus square. On row 2 your graph and written instructions say/show 3 DC in the chain 3 spaces. But your picture of the square only shows 2. By following your instructions my square doesn’t look anything like the picture. Which one is correct?

    • You can do 2 DC instead of 3 if you like! When I did the original square, I did 2, but then I did 3 on the chart, so I left it! They get skipped over on the next round anyway, so definitely do whichever you feel comfortable with. I made it with 3 for the video so it would all match up. Maybe check out the video? Hope this helps a bit! Happy crafting 🙂

  2. Hi, I too did 2 dc in row 2 because three was too bulky. There were some other differences between the charted and written pattern. I followed the chart, but made edits on my PDF copy of the file if you would like these.

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