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Good Vibes Blanket: Huge Tropical flower motif meets color-block linen stitch

You can finally meet the fourth Relaxghan of this popular series of free blanket patterns! The Good Vibes blanket crochet pattern is nearly done (Update: here is the pattern link!), but in the meantime, I thought I’d share the FO photographs!

Good Vibes Blanket Info

Color inspiration

Bold blocks of color and tropical designs were my inspiration for this piece. I came across an image on Instagram posted by @designsponge which completely drew me in. Instantly I imagined a blanket, with a color-block center portion and big dramatic floral motifs on either side. It was so crazy it just might work. I always say it: I see a blanket everywhere I look. It’s true!

My goal for the Relaxghan Series is to use up yarn remnants to lighten my stash up a bit and cut down on purchasing brand new yarn. I happen to have a stash of Scheepjes Colour Crafter and Velvet, but I have some nearly full balls and many small balls, so I felt like this would be perfect for my project since there are motifs mixed with large chunks of color in the middle.

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My favorite part about this motif is that popcorn round that looks like it’s levitating there… I worked over the chain spaces completely on the following round, so it makes the popcorns… well… pop! I also did that round in Colour Crafter Velvet, which is the dappled, marled looking version of Colour Crafter. This Velvet yarn is echoed in the center linen st panel. I cannot get these petally motifs out of my system! Good Vibes crosses this stately motif with some very bright tropical colors with a stunning result.

Do you think you can see the inspiration picture in my design? The color block center, and the tropical motifs on either side? I really thought this one was true to the inspo. If anything, I hope you’re getting some Good Vibes from it! 🙂

See more photos below – Free Pattern released June 12, 2018.

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