VVCAL Reboot

VVCAL Reboot – Week 2

Welcome to Week 2 of the VVCAL reboot. This week, we will be making just three squares. The Madrone Square, and possible the most requested, suggested favorite tree, the Weeping Willow. Exciting!

Remember we are using hashtag #VVCAL – so tag ’em if you got ’em!


VVCAL Reboot Week 2

Visit the VVCAL 2018 Main Info Page for more details including the weekly schedule and where to join other VVCALers!

Make 1 of each of these 3 squares:

Any text that is not yet linked will be linked shortly! 🙂

  1. Plain Granny Square Pattern / Dutch translation / YouTube Video / Ravelry link – This humble plain granny square is perhaps the most important square in the #VVCAL. You will make at least one every week of the CAL, and use this square to make sure the rest of your squares are the right size.
  2. Weeping Willow Square Pattern / Dutch translation / YouTube Video / Ravelry link
  3. Madrone Square Pattern / Dutch translation / YouTube Video / Ravelry link

Dutch Translation for this page.

Thanks for joining in, y’all!

Happy crafting,

Rachele C.


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  1. Wonderful CAL! Thank you so much Rachele. Having difficulty with the colors listed. The numbers given for Weeping Willow and Madrone don’t exist in the Softfun Denim line. And the Plain Granny is listed as it was in week 1, is this correct? Thanks for your help, inspiration and heart.

    • Ah thank you! These colors are just for the original Softfun line – not denim. And the plain granny will be worked in various colors – basically in the Warm Neutrals pack, there are 63 squares and 12 colors, so you’ll need to make 5 squares each from 9 of the colors, and 6 squares each from 3 if the colors. That will get you to 63. 👍🏻👍🏻 hope this helps ❤️❤️

  2. Can you give me some advice on colors for different squares. I am using the pastel chic colors. Thanks

    • I would just say the best advice I can give is just use your colors evenly. Save the main color to the side (cream) and then just maybe make 1 of each color, until you’ve done all colors, then start over again, making 1 of each… until all squares are made. Then if you’re edging, you’ll have a fairly equal amount of remnant colors to edge with. ❤️

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