Good Vibes Crochet Blanket: In Progress

Welcome to the WIP post of Good Vibes! This is the fourth in a series of free crochet blankets called “Relaxghans” – Please go check out that info post and then come on back ๐Ÿ™‚

A while back, I showed you all this “Painter’s Palette” of yarny remnant awesomeness, and I promised to reveal more of what this linen stitch triangle turns into… Well I won’t be showing too much today, but I did design the motif that goes alongside it!

If you want to know where that little linen stitch triangle is headed, check out my sketch below. Yes, this is how a little idea seed from my brain gets planted intoย my moleskine and later grows into a blanket pattern for you all.

Information (All the deets!)

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I am really digging this motif. Sometimes I add elements in a crochet motif and it takes me forever to get them out of my system. Then you will see like five blankets featuring motifs that have that certain element. Read my WIP post for the popular Carefree Relaxghan, and you’ll see my extensive love affair with the 2-round large petal.

Well, this motif has awakened another obsession in me… That bobble part… Rounds 5 and 6 make a sort of suspended bobble when the chain portion of round 6 is covered by round 7, andย I. am. obsessed. Y’all probably know I have a thing for clusters because they look like petals/leaves, and I tend to overuse them, I think. but that bobble round just adds a new dimension and the perfect new little something for me to mix in. Looks like crochet pompoms!

Plus, Susan from The Felted Button has just published a tutorial for the crochet pompom edging, and whoa was that serendipitous?? My Good Vibes design is absolutely crazy enough to warrant a pompom edging…

Can’t wait to reveal more! Sooooon ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. Loving these sneak peeks and can’t wait for the final reveal. In the meantime, I’m playing with the linen stitch in triangles in different yarn weights to see the different effects. As always, you inspire me to “play,” and though my experiments never turn out as beautiful as yours, I get lots of practice while I wait for your next pattern. ๐Ÿ™‚

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