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Yarn Remnants Box, or Painter’s Palette? The beginnings of May’s Relaxghan.

Y’all are loving my free Relaxghan’s series, and I could not be more grateful. My goal was to bring you one new free and easy crochet blanket pattern each month, for six months, that you could use to stash bust through your yarn remnants. There have been three Relaxghans released so far, but the most popular was the April blanket, Carefree. That one was a hit, and I am so giddy to show the May blanket, Good Vibes, to you all. For now, I think I’ll keep its design a secret. 🙂 Scroll to the end of this post for a complete index of related links.

Designing from Yarn Remnants

If you’ve followed me for five minutes, you probably know that I use a ton of colors in my pieces, because I am often working from remnants. This means I typically have a limited amount of each color, and must use a varied palette. It’s a beautiful thing to be able to turn a pile of loosely wound, totally frazzled yarn remnants into a gorgeous crochet blanket. Good Vibes is no different. Like I said, I’m absolutely bursting at the seams to show you the design – mum’s the word lol.

Here is the box of leftover yarn balls that I keep referring to. It’s all Scheepjes Colour Crafter and Colour Crafter Velvet, which are like hidden gems. Velvet reminds me of street graffiti – so shocking and urban looking. And the original Colour Crafter is the best quality 100g DK acrylic powerhouse on the market. Can you tell I’m not afraid of bright, outlandish color?? But yeah, you probably already knew that.

Yarn Remnants

Yarn Remnants

I liken yarn remnants to the crazy and haphazard smearings of paint on an artist’s paint palette. Check out the messy palette of one of my favorite artists, Josie Lewis, and see what she created from it. PS, watercolor is a beautiful thing, but Josie is making colorful art with SO MUCH MORE – please go check out her Instagram if you aren’t already following. She even has time lapse videos – swoon.

And this is a total tangent, but will you look at how in sync Josie and I are with our love for color and hexagons?? Check out the similarity between Josie’s paint chip upcycle art piece, and my Geometric Lace blanket.

Incredible paint chip hexie art:

Geometric Lace Blanket:

Man, this makes me want to just dive into my rainbow remnants box and create another GeoLace. Heart eyes! Want to see how I put these layouts together? Read my blog post on color placement and layout.

Okay, tangent over – back to Good Vibes.

I had to snap another shot of this awesome pile of yarn. Don’t you love how you can look at your partial balls and remember the projects you used them for? It’s like a walk down memory lane, and the new blanket that you make is just that much stronger with all those good vibes inherently present.

Information (All the deets!)

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And the moment you’ve been waiting for! A peek at what I will be making with this bright fun. Good Vibes in progress – may not look like much, but this little triangle is just the beginning. Squeeeeee! Linen stitch! If you’re just as in love with it as I am, go read For the Love of Linen Stitch, and you’ll see a slew of amazing projects dedicated to this stitch that I have coming up in a future ShadeTree minimag issue. So many designs, so little time!

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    • Thank you – I know I need to stockpile designs and disperse them slower, but I have a hard time with that. It feels like I’m keeping a secret when I delay release of a pattern, and I have always been so terrible at keeping secrets! I’m a blabbermouth! 😂😂

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