Vote: A VVCAL reboot made just for you!

Hi, y’all! Am I talking about a new CAL already? Dutch Rose just wrapped, and you’d think I would want some space. I do have a crochet-along planned for January, but I don’t want to let the cat out of the bag just yet. So a new VVCAL reboot crochet-along….

Is there interest??

Okay, this all started when I casually posted in my Facebook group, about creating a new VVCAL PDF with the patterns all updated and condensed. Folks are still making Vibrant Vintage blankets and I wanted to give the entire crochet-along a refresh so that new folks making the squares wouldn’t be confused by all the CAL info, and also because my pattern writing skills have improved since then.

Then someone asked a million dollar question: will this be a CAL again? Whoa, I hadn’t even thought of that and I didn’t know there would be any interest in a reboot. Of course, if I do this, it will be with all new motifs. Not just the old ones. But we will still use the #vvcal hashtag on social media.

So I did a small poll on my Instagram stories, and the turnout was about 60/40 in favor. Not a landslide, but it still got me thinking, and I created this series of polls. If I did decide to host it, what kind of a VVCAL reboot would people want? PLEASE VOTE! 🙂

October 12 – Finished VVCAL blanket in green mix

What is the VVCAL?

If you have no idea what the VVCAL is, please go look at the info page and check out some of the square patterns (all the timeline and meta CAL info has since been stripped out, because the CAL is long over). You can also go here to my FO Gallery website to see the different Vibrant Vintage patchwork blankets I have made.


Here are the options I am interested in testing. Looking forward to seeing the results! I’ll get back to y’all to share everything in 72 hours.

Motif Shape

Would you be more interested in making hexagon motifs or square motifs for the CAL blanket? If we make hexagons, well, that’s just awesome – because hexagons. If we make squares, I’ll be sure that they can be used with the previous VVCAL squares.

Coming Soon

CAL Timeline

Do you like a fast-paced CAL that really lets you power down? Or would you prefer a more “doable” timeline that’s spread out?

Coming Soon

Color Palette

Which one of these color palettes appeals to you most for this blanket CAL? Click palette image to see it.

Coming Soon
Total Votes : 540

Thank you!

Thanks for casting your vote, and I’ll announce the poll results in a few days. Yay!

Happy crafting,

Rachele C.


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  1. I participated in the vibrant vintage cal and made not 1 but 2 blanket for gifts. I used fingering yarn dyed with flowers from my garden. My sister and son love their blankets and I would love to do this cal again.

    • If I’m right, I think I remember your blankets! Or someone else who made it with Garden flower dyed yarn 🙂 I’d love to see them if you have a website or another “online home” ❤️❤️

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