Carefree: Candy-color hexagon flower crochet motifs

Were you ever crocheting a blanket, stepped back to take a quick snapshot, and were positively wowed by the beauty?? Even though you (annoyinglyyy) accidentally wadded up the WIP so that the crochet motifs were wrong side facing, and as a result, you can’t see the details?? Yeah me too.

hexagon crochet motifs

hexagon crochet motifs

Introducing the Relaxghan free crochet pattern for April 30: Carefree


There’s not a whole lot I care about. I think it’s a short list:

  1. My family,
  2. My crafty community,
  3. My impact on the planet.

That’s it! Just 3 things… lol. Just three li’l things that weigh so heavily on my shoulders because they help me keep one foot in the future while I have the other one so firmly rooted in the present. You know all those inspirational quotes that talk about living in the now versus living in the past or the future? Take a look at these images I swiped straight from the internet:

Well I can always say with 100% confidence that I am a person who lives in the present…with one foot in the future, because I care about some important things that are going to live on past my time.

So. In all that. Isn’t it nice to have some carefree moments in the midst of all the hardcore caring that we do every day? Like using a shocking pink as a background color for your latest crochet blanket. Or mixing some atrociously gaudy colors together, just because you think it might “work” and you really don’t even care if it doesn’t work, because on another level, that works too. That is some serious Carefree feeling!

In the spirit of outlandish color pairings, here’s that shocking pink denim, along with a warm mustard. Gorgeous! Read more.

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Hexagon Crochet Motifs

I think I channeled the love and energy of my late mother-in-law with these motifs, as they do remind me of those Mexican paper-cut flags, and these colors are definitely fiesta-worthy.

Somehow, nearly every time I sit to design a crochet motif, I end up staring at a hexagon when I’m finished. Why?? The answer is not entirely clear, why I’m hexie-obsessed, but the six-sided shape is definitely not out of my system yet, and neither are those huge 2-round petals.

To make them, you just work 4 dc (or more!) into a st/sp, then on the next round, you decrease all 4 sts together to form the top point of the petal. They’re a super fun addition to crochet motifs because the normal “cluster” stitch you could use to make petals is much smaller. These giant petals really pop! You can also find those 2-round petals in the three designs below.

Tiny Garden

Hexagon Burst

Big Leaf Border

More colors will be added, so stay tuned until my next post, which will be the finished object reveal. For now, check out these addictive hexies for some inspiration. With that easy-peasy join as you go, you cant beat it!

Homework: make a list of everything you care about. Now cross off 10 things that really honestly shouldn’t be there. Get your care list filled with a few rich items where your focused energy actually makes a difference. Let all that other crap go.

A top view of that first pic. Even without any editing, it’s just beautiful no?

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  1. I love the wild color combos! This year I’ve been drawn to the yellows and especially the mustards. It’s great to see them put together. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Gorgeous pictures on your blog! The colours and design go perfectly together and you immediately become cheerful when you see this blanket-to-be. Love the photo of the buntings in the street, it says ‘Let’s party and enjoy life’. Fantastic!
    Have a great day,

    • Thank you for your lovely comment! It made me smile 🙂 – Same to you – happy crafting! ❤️

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