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Yarn time is play time.

Today I did some stash diving! I’m brainstorming for this month’s Relaxghan and I want to pick a nice bright palette of Scheepjes | Catona. I’m also thinking of mixing in some Catona Denim since it has a tonal quality that will mix things up.

Gathering all the Catona I had around the house, I chose a pretty spread.

(Small note to everyone who reached out to me regarding my last post. Thank you so much; it means a lot. I’m taking a couple days to digest the responses, there were so many. Thank you! ☺️)


Surprise stash, under the bed.

I totally had a flat bin under the bed full of yarn. Here’s a night-time pic of my Catona* stash – it’s plentiful, which snuck up on me because I thought I had just a few balls here and there…

that’s why I think, especially in the Spring when the vibe of cleaning and refreshing is in the air, it’s important to organize your yarn stash thoroughly, so you can see what you have. If I didn’t know I had all this Catona I definitely would have placed a yarn order!

2018 is the year of no waste for me, so I want to use what I have before I buy more, which can really mess up my color dreams…

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Cohesive Shmohesive

Side note: while we’re talking about this yarn, I pulled a palette for an upcoming project recently – check it out. I’m telling you there is no wrong way to go. If you’re worried about your colors not jiving, but you want to use up your stash, just go for it!! It’ll work in the end.

I know I might not have mixed all these particular colors together if I didn’t have the urge to stash-reduce. Suddenly when you’ve got a goal in mind, you can let go of the little things like “a cohesive palette” lol

Kitsch as chic

So! I ended up with a sweet little color mix. Peep it lounging by my fake plant 🙂

Definitely a small selection, but a little of this yarn goes a long way. That mustard yellow and that bright red are just kitsch enough to make me giddy!

I think I picked the colors of a rose garden. ❤️

I took a snapshot of Catona and Catona Denim* together so you can see the difference more clearly. See the tonal hues in the Denim? It’s very blue-jeansy, while the regular version is smoother.

I’m already forming a strategy in my mind for how I’m going to use these together ❤️

Wanna see what I ended up coming up with for the motif?

Take a look at “Carefree” – the April free Relaxghan pattern 🙂 This one is a shout-out to Mothers’ Day in May. It screams “mom’s garden” vibes.

Plus the motif was so fun to design! And I’ll be adding that Catona Denim ring plus another outer ring on every motif. So they just might be cohesive! Mission accomplished! Free pattern coming April 30th.

Another view – I did add a couple more rounds after taking this pic, but you’ll see them as soon as I show more of the WIP.

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      • Ah very cool! I’ll pop over to IG and remind myself which one you’re making for your daughter. And then Dutch Rose woohoo! you must be hexie obsessed like me 😛

  1. Love your designs! Thank you for your generosity in sharing some of them for free. Please don’t let negative comments upset you. Some people are only happy when they are complaining about something. It is your decision as to whether you offer free patterns, charge a fee, or do a little of both. I think you have a lot more followers who like you just the way you are than ones that think you should do what they want you to do. Keep up the great designing! May the Faeries Be With You! Cynthia

  2. Don’t you love just looking at that yarn, it’s yummie! The colours looks so cheerful together! Lots of ideas come to my mind when I look at my stash 🙂
    Your new crochet work looks so pretty!
    PS: Discovered your blog today and got so happy that I became your newest follower on Bloglovin!
    Greetings from Belgium,

  3. I’m about to start Carefree – can I use acrylic instead of cotton? Can I do it in a larger hook size? What is MC (master colour) and CC (contrast colour)? Sorry for all the questions!

    • Definitely! You can do it in any yarn or hook – and the main color is the pink – the contrast color is the secondary color of each motif. Hope that helps! Happy crafting 🙂 – RC

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