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Hi, everyone! Today I wanted to share with y’all something that happened to me on Social Media. I fully understand that behind the anonymity of a keyboard/mobile interaction, people can be pretty brazen and frivolous with others’ feelings. I think we have all come to understand that truth.

People can be mean

Having said that, doesn’t it still sting when someone is mean on the Internet? I think it has something to do with the fact that I’m sharing my soul and my passion with you all through my craft, so a mean comment can really feel like a punch in the gut or at the very least, a pinprick that bursts my blanket-making bubble.

What should I do about it?

Over time, I did come to learn that every interaction I have, I experience as a reflection of my own self. So I need to take all commentary and use it wisely to improve myself in some way. It’s not the mean thing; it’s what I’m going to do with it.

What am I on about?

Someone chastised me for creating paid content. This hurt my feelings majorly and made me question running my business.

Questions I asked myself because of this mean person:

  • Am I unfair to charge for certain patterns?
  • Should I be running a not-for-profit instead?
  • Am I a horrible person?
  • Am I inconsiderate to the fact that people have more important things to spend their money on than a crochet pattern?

Well, the answer to all of those questions, I came to finally believe, is no. (Even the last question. People buy things. It’s a fact.) After some soul-searching, I figured out that I just need to use this mean comment to fuel my passion even harder. After all, it is true I do love to produce free content!

My truth

I have plenty of free content, because I absolutely love to create fiber funsies that 100% of people can have access to.

I also have some paid content, because I take pride in being able to do things like help put food on our table to feed our family of six.

Whew! Glad I got all that out.

So, mean Internet person, go suck a lemon. Here is all my free content rounded up, just to show how much I love you lovely lot.

My free content

Free Patterns

This is where my passion lies. Taking yarn, creating something, writing down the pattern, and sharing it with everyone.


What I love about designing and hosting CALs is the community involvement factor. I love connecting with CALers and seeing the variety of the pieces that everyone creates. Join us!


For years and years, I was completely inept at video and didn’t make YouTube tutorials. Well I’m still inept… but now I do make them lol! I’m trying to get better at it, I promise.

  • Subscribe to my YouTube channel so you won’t miss new free video tutorials

Facebook Group

The Tree Huggers are my favorite! I wish I could give everyone in my FB group a big hug.


No I don’t mind! Shoot me an email and let’s connect. I love talking shop and it’s a one-on-one experience that you just don’t get on social media.

  • You can reach me via email with questions about paid or free patterns, comments, doubts, and all other crafty convos at I may take up to a week to respond! I’m a busy gal, but I do try to respond to everyone quickly. I really love hearing from y’all in my inbox.

Want to give back?

If you’ve read this far, chances are you care about CypressTextiles and enjoy the content. Maybe you’d like to help support my crafty endeavor!

  • Totally free: Share, like, comment, subscribe on every platform you can. I’m everywhere! Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. – search Rachele Carmona or CypressTextiles. This is a huge help to get others to be able to see my fiber funsies.
  • $1/month: Help support my yearly website fees by pledging $1 a month on my Patreon page. 3 pennies a day – whoop! I also post over there periodically, and interact with supporters!
  • $4/pattern: Pick one pattern from my Ravelry Store to purchase – they’re all just $4 each! I also have “forever sales” like: buy 3 for $10, or 5 for $12 – all sales are automatically discounted upon checkout.
  • $12/ebook: Buy a pattern ebook. Check out the ones I’ve published, or create your dream ebook.
  • Shop: Have a browse

So there you go!

What an emotional rollercoaster I’ve had this week. I’m going to get a cup of coffee and crochet. Hope you all can take those negative Internet comments and turn them around toward something positive. Love you guys!

Happy crafting,

Rachele C.


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  1. Ignore them Rachele … I and I’m sure thousands of others, love and appreciate you and your blog and your generosity. Some people are just sad. Hugs.
    Suzie x

    • It’s like my brain knows that, but it still stings my heart every time… In the end, it helps me grow. Once I get past the initial shock lol – thank you for taking time to comment ❤️

    • Oh my goodness, don’t even waste your good energy on folks like that, it is simply not worth it. There is always going to be someone who thinks they need something for nothing; they can just roll on with their nasty attitude. You are doing great and I know I speak for many, many others…thank you for your kindness and generosity, and your creativity. 🙂

  2. Your investment in the time it takes to blog, to write up patterns, and to crochet beautiful things to share online inspires the rest of us!! FREE inspiration!!! 🙂 Please don’t allow negative comments from one or few person(s) ever deter you from your dreams or make you question yourself. I am more than happy to buy patterns – I certainly don’t have the creativity or the patience to make my own and am incredibly appreciative that people like you are willing to share their ideas and creations. THANK YOU!

    • I appreciate your comment and support! It’s something I think we all deal with as creatives when we bare our soul to the world. It’s a certain vulnerability. But yes! Must keep on creating in the face of it, for myself and for the supporters! 😁❤️ thanks again!

  3. You are one of the sweetest people I know, and it makes me so happy tp watch you develop and grow as the weeks go by.

    • Awww this is so nice. I definitely 100% believe that making a conscious effort to continuously improve in all aspects of life is the best way to achieve peace and happiness. Even on your worst day, you can say you gave it effort ❤️ Thank you – hugs.

  4. ignore them, the question is not why youcdharge for the few patterns youdo charge for, it’s more why don’t the rest of us appreciate more all the free stuff you give us. including inspiration!!!thanks and thanks and thanks again.

  5. I’m a fairly new follower and have just bought your shade tree e-book. Of course we all love to get our patterns for free, l knit and crochet for charity and am always looking for new patterns and if I didn’t get most of them for free I couldn’t do it, but, be reasonable. Talented people like you Rachele are entitled to make a living and you offer many free patterns as do most of the other bloggers like you which I think is amazing. Do these whingers say to their boss at the end of the week don’t pay me I’m working for free, I think not. Ignore them and keep doing what you are doing.

  6. oh my gosh. I can’t believe you posted this today. I was just going to write and ask why you don’t charge more for your patterns as you do give so many away for free. (A big thank you for that too). You with your talent, taking the time to write it all up and share it with us is something that should be appreciated muuuuch more than it is. Stay on the high road Rachele, it’s less crowded.

  7. Only recently have I discovered and joined your group. I love it and your work! You work hard to develop ,right patterns and all that it takes to bring it to us crochet people. You DEFINITELY deserve to be paid! I’m very grateful for the free patterns you make available. Negative people are very unhappy people and don’t deserve your talent. Keep on creating. You’re awesome!

  8. I can say that if not for you and other creators like you I would have nothing to do with all the yarn I own. Through your ideas and creations I can put my talent to work and feel good about myself. You should be so proud and I tell everyone, if not for your ideas, I’d be nothing. I wait eagerly for your patterns. Thank you so very much for sharing your talent with me.

  9. Since I started crocheting, I’ve been amazed at how you and other designers share your talents and knowledge by gifting so many patterns and tips. It makes sense that crochet is your chosen job and you are entitled to earn an income from that. I’d bet that mean commenter doesn’t do their job for free and it’s easy to hide behind a keyboard. Please keep doing what you love and enabling us to do that too, whether it’s free or paid content. I’m looking forward to your book coming out.

  10. Ouch, sending hugs. I’m a bit speechless as to why a person would say such a thing. I love seeing your beautiful creations. You have an Artistic style the warms my heart.
    Cheers Maggie

  11. Nobody is FORCED to buy a pattern…it’s a free choice!!!. You have so many beautiful patterns that are available and paid. I think that is amazing. You have every right to expect a return for all your hard work…even if you feel you are not working but really playing 😀
    I enjoy your blog immensely..your kindness and big heart comes through every word and deed.
    I’m truly shocked that anyone would question what you so selflessly provide to all of us.
    Love and hugs ❣️

  12. Rachele~ I really don’t understand people who think everyone else owes them a living. Some people are downright nasty and disagreeable and there will always be some of those people around. But, you, my sweet lady, deserve many, many accolades for your creativity, dedication, sharing attitude and grace, apart from all your wonderful generosity with sharing your talents and your patterns! That person or those persons who say otherwise have a choice: if they don’t like what you do or do not offer, they can go elsewhere and take their miasma of unpleasantness with them. Your creativity is inspiring, your spirit is generous, and your nature is refreshing. And don’t you ever question whether or not you should or shouldn’t charge for a pattern you create. Your creativity IS you livelihood and just because you enjoy what you do, doesn’t mean that it should be free. Anyone who places guilt on you for trying to develop a business and your working at making a living through that deserves to be scorned, not appeased. Thank you so much for sharing, inspiring, and teaching us in this wonderful craft of crochet. And, even though I love getting free patterns, I don’t care one iota if there’s a charge; if I like it and want it badly enough, I WILL pay for it. Love and hugs…

  13. Haters gonna hate! God gave you talents and a good heart, don’t let any one steal what He gave you. We all love what you do and enjoy your talents and your free spirit in giving..

  14. Unfortunately, there are people in this world who will use any tactic they can find to get goods and services for free. They simply don’t have the capacity for guilt that most of us have. They DO have a great talent for making others feel guilty enough to give them things for free. These are the people who buy clothes for an event and then return them to the store after they’ve used them. They go into a craft store and take a few yards of yarn from several skeins, because they don’t think they should have to buy an entire skein if they only need “a little”.

    I’ve gratefully used your lovely free patterns and I’ve also purchased some of your delightful paid patterns at embarrassingly low prices. You’re on the right side of the fence in this world, so don’t let anyone make you feel guilty for that.

  15. You keep going girl! I love your stuff and this is your business. You are lucky to be able to create in this way and are willing to let us all in on your ability so we can share your creative ability too. More complicated patterns deserve to be paid patterns. I do know how you feel. When I did my quilting craft fairs, it was hard to hear the comments like “I can get that cheaper at Walmart” etc etc. Its a hard pin prick for sure especially when its right in your face one on one. But for these people… just ask God to bless ’em and let them move the heck on. Chin up! Keep going and we that really care about you can’t wait to see what you do next!!

  16. One of your comments really smacked me upside the head like HUH???? “Am I inconsiderate to the fact that people have more important things to spend their money on than a crochet pattern?” If they have more important things to spend their money on, spend it on those things. Crochet, for most is a craft/hobby/lifestyle choice, not necessary to taking a breath, feeding ourselves or providing shelter. While I may feel like I just “have” to have a pattern or a yarn or a nice set of needles or hooks, I care for the basics first and save to buy those things. They mean so much more when I finally have them in hand. As a designer, you choose to share your talent and you can choose to share it for free or charge me to share in its beauty. Thank you for all you do, your gorgeous creations and your sweet spirit. Somewhere this morning, there is a “mean internet person” walking around with a puckered up mouth from her lemon sucking and probably feeling rather put out by your not telling her how right she is and sending her all the patterns for free – while the rest of us are enjoying the love you put into your designs and basking in the beauty on your pages. I hope she doesn’t choke on a seed! I also hope the time you spent reflecting after her abuse allowed you to see how much you do give and how much it is appreciated by so many. Thank you for sharing your talent.

  17. Rachele, thank you for all you do. I appreciate all you do. You take all of this to heart, don’t let someone bring you down for it. You let us enjoy our passion with your wonderful designs, paid or free, true lovers of this art will look at the beauty first, price won’t stop us.

  18. I think it’s absolutely ridiculous to expect you to offer everything for free. I know some people do and that’s their choice. The amount of time you put into your designs deserves payment.

  19. I was quite upset when I read this post. What upset me? the very fact that there are some out there who are so MEAN to lovely people like you.
    They demean you because you charge for some items? that’s insane! I have to confess that I am one who, only because of severe budget restraints, prefers the free patterns, etc. But I am never put off by those like you who charge for some items, I’m frankly amazed that so many of your patterns are free!
    These negative nannies who complain about whatever they can think of are never happy – and even if every pattern was free, would still find something to complain about! IGNORE THEM!
    Please don’t let them upset you! I think if that were me, I’d just not even bother to respond to them. You can send one note explaining that this is your business – and in order to be able to keep supplying patterns it is necessary to charge for some – else how are you going to keep buying yarn and materials needed? Do they not realize that yarn and supplies are not free?
    You are a prolific and inspiring designer and certainly deserve to make something for all of your efforts!

    Please do not be down – do not let these nasty people get to you. Know that MOST of us out here so appreciate all that you do share with us. There are some folks out there who are not happy unless they are making everyone around them unhappy – just an unfortunate fact of life. I feel sorry for them in a way – because they are missing out on so many of the joys of this life!

    I personally want to THANK YOU SO MUCH for all you do share with us….both the free and the paid patterns! I’m always inspired to work just a bit harder when I see your work….a few designers – including you… are what keep me trying to improve my own crochet skills. Please keep up the great work! and iGNORE THE NAYSAYERS!

  20. I love everything about your posts,Artistic display,Beauty of composition your colours make me
    happy.. I have been working in black, navy& flocked black

    I once Did a Blog of my own designs.I chose the best Yarns Not necessarily the most expencive

    I was chastised for everything from yarn choice to cost of completely original one of kind
    items Even my own son & his wife, it hurt a great deal.

    As it is the cost of paper, time to create a pattern, yarn,test dyes, every single piece of your time

    Joy Dancey

  21. Rachele – I love what you do, and I’m sad to think that someone who was having a bad day (or a bad life) could have hurt you in this way. You’re right to write about it, because maybe that will make some people think twice in future before they vent. Good luck with the commercial side of your business – you deserve it!

  22. I don’t think your mean why shouldn’t you charge for a pattern you spend a lot of time thinking and making things you deserve a reward for it i don’t mind paying for a pattern i think your crochet work is amazing a small charge is nothing after putting in all the effort and cost of yarn you use ignore them mean people i love your work

  23. I love your patterns – free and paid! Thank you for taking the time to share them all with us. Please remember that no one can please all the people all the time. Growing your business is something that will take time and money, so a paid pattern will be helping you. I – and many others – do enjoy your work, so do not let negative people bother you. I wish you good luck and happiness as your business grows. I fully support what your are doing!!

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