Self Love (a WIP)

Remember the yarn remnant box I pulled from for this month’s Relaxghan? Well I took it off the shelf this week to help it grow into the Self Love blanket!

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Here is the first motif again, in case you forgot what it looks like. It’s a big circle with a hexagon plot twist. One of the easiest ways to get big circles to fit together is by “hexagonizing” them at the last minute with some big loopy lace.

And that’s just what I’ve done here – the little bit where three motifs meet is usually my favorite part, and Self Love is no exception. To take Self Love from concept to crochet hook, I felt like every element had to be something I’m fully in love with.

Starting with a flower seemed like a no-brainer. Originally, I had those 12 petals forming a square, but I backed out of that, deciding that the four groups of three petals was not serving me. Best to keep it a circle and let the petals live evenly spaced.

Then, an urge to create a large round motif took over. With simple granny groups, and some chaining in between, I came up with a circle. Can’t wait to make them in all these funky colors! The peachy pink background is just crazy enough to pull it all together. ❤️

Check out the yellow motif – I’m just dazzled by that center flower with what looks like a cobblestone path surrounding it. Honestly it makes me want to put my blog down and pick up the hook this very moment!

By the way, here’s what using up leftovers means to me. It means I can give extra life to this yarn that would have been cooped up it its bin, just waiting to be turned into something beautiful. I dislike having a large stash for this reason, but isn’t it funny how one way or another we end up with all this yarn and not enough time to work it all up?

Every project made with remnants is a breath of fresh air though, and it feels good to put the materials to good use, rather than just going out and buying new, as lovely as it is to go on a yarny shopping spree every so often.

One last thing! I couldn’t resist making a bunch of little flowers. Sometimes starting a few motifs like this actually helps improve my speed, since I’m not as likely to get distracted.

Anyhow, this project is calling me! Blogging all these flowery circles has put me in the mood to create!

Have a lovely week, and stay tuned for this pattern. Happy crafting!

Rachele C.


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  1. Rachele- you’re amazing!!!!! So talented : )
    Love EVERYTHING u design and so happy I found your site ……
    Thank u so much : )

    • Thank you so much Miss Jennifer! I appreciate your kind comment and thank you for the support ❤️

    • More likely tomorrow! LATE! 🙂 Should have knows Easter would sweep me up… Unplanned crawfish boil on top of everything else on Saturday, but I’m not complaining – haha – I’ll have it up ASAP 🙂

  2. I’m from dallas, temporarily exiled in illinois. I miss crawfish boils so much!! Planning on moving to austin later this year… god willin’ and the creek don’t rise! Anyhoo… i love this, i have approximately 3 tons of leftovers to put to use…. can’t wait for the pattern! (I also love the first relaxghan you posted… have the perfect yarns in my stash for that one, too. Darn job cuts into my crochet time.😉)