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No-Waste 2018: Using up my Scheepjes Merino Soft

I’ve been on a huge kick of using all my remnants and scraps and leftovers to create. Though you don’t always get those predictable, pretty, go-to palettes, you do allow yourself to free up space and freshen your yarn stash. So for this project, the second pattern in my free pattern series “Relaxghans”, I’ll be using a little stash of Scheepjes | Merino Soft left over from a project I made for my upcoming book, releasing in May. (Yay!)

Merino Soft is super enjoyable to work with as it is just buttery and always looks saturated. It won’t fade, and is very durable. Plus, check out this yummy color range! (A screenshot from

Yarn info:

  • Content: 50% Wool Superwash Merino, 25% Microfiber, 25% Acrylic
  • Hook size: 4-5mm
  • Weight/length: 50g/105m
  • Yarn weight: DK

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Favorite Merino Soft Projects:

Here is a quick snapshot of the small amount of Merino Soft in my stash.. I have so much of that pale peachy salmon color. Sooooo… it’s peachy background time! Yessss!

The rest of the colors seem like unlikely pairings, but I know it’ll be a whimsical blanket anyway with the color background. Also, remember, I threw the idea of the cohesive, “pretty” color palette to the wayside with these Relaxghan patterns. The idea is to use what you have and not to rush it and buy new yarn. So this palette will have to do! ❤️

Here’s what I came up with for the design. This blanket is called “Self Love.” The little flower in the center just makes me so happy. You could definitely make this in multiple colors for each round, but since this is a Relaxghan, I thought minimal ends to weave would be a highlight 🙂

As this piece grows, I’ll post more pics! Free Pattern will be available March 31.

Enjoying this series concept? Check out the first Relaxghan, “Unbothered” – released Feb 28 ❤️

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  1. That looks so interesting and Im sure its going to be pretty with all those colours and its just what I need.

    • I’m so glad you enjoy it! It’s coming along nicely, and I have a feeling it’ll make any colors look great together 😁❤️

  2. I love the idea! I spent all of 2017 using up my stash for various projects! I made 2 cardigans for myself, my daughters each got a poncho, I made a bath mat and 3 crochet tops for festivals. I still had leftovers and added them all together to make (what I call my Left Over Memory Blanket) a king size granny stripe blanket. I still have more yarn to do away with before I can purchase anything new. Thanks for the wonderfull inspiration!

    • That’s awesome!! I’m the same way – all these leftovers! They definitely need to be given new life instead of being dusty on the shelf while shiny new yarn is bought again and again.. I’m a bit over “buy everything new” at the moment! Reduce, reuse, recycle has been on my mind a lot lately. What better way to do it than squeezing everything we can out of our (overgrown) yarn stash!? ☺️☺️❤️

  3. This looks so pretty! Can’t wait to see the finished project. I have so much leftover yarn will have to try one of your Relaxaghan patterns when I finish my current project.

    • Thanks. Gigi! I’m glad you like it, and can’t wait to see your Relaxghan ☺️❤️