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Unbothered Blanket: My Most Relaxing Crochet Project

New blanket alert! And the first in a series of free blanket patterns. See my Relaxghans intro post for all the deets on this series.


The pattern calls for 15-17g balls of remnants, but I actually used these Scheepjes | Cahlista* 15g balls from the Colour Pack*, and also added in a few full-size skeins of Cahlista that I had on-hand from a different project.

Used a simple ch-3 space JAYG and really did not pay attention to which way the squares were rotated as I joined. The eyelet stripes, and the color stripes are any which way, and I love it. Also, muted, pastel, neutral, bright, neon…. Yep, it’s all in there.

In the photo below, I was apparently in the mood to start a square, abandon it, and start another, just going with the flow. Also had some fun with placement planning, but nothing too heavy. Just pure peace.

Lounging on the breakfast nook table, all finished. If I had the time to make this blanket a hundred more times, I would. There’s just enough variety in the squares not to get bored, and the simplicity allows for Supernatural binge-watching as I work. It doesn’t get any better! This may just become my go-to blanket for using up random leftover balls of yarn.

And just casually relaxing here. Yes this yarn is as buttery soft as it looks. Aran weight cotton that’s still fluffy is the bee’s knees.

Where to buy Scheepjes yarns (affiliate links*):


* A note on Affiliate links: Your shopping through these links will provide me a small commission and helps support CypressTextiles so I can continue to create fiber funsies! And it costs you nothing extra! πŸ™‚


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    • Right? I think it’s going into our little blanket stack for sure! Thank you! 😁❀️

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