We were ON a BREAK!: The one where Rachele purges her current crochet inspiration, then takes a break.

Yes, folks! I will be taking a two-week design break. No thinking, plotting, planning, sketching, imagining, calculating, graphing, or otherwise noodling around in any effort to convert a whim of an idea into a blanket.

Two! Weeks!

So before I begin, of course I want to show you all how hard this is going to be by letting you in on some stuff that currently in my design idea book. (Side note: my design idea book is in the app AwesomeNote. Any actual designing takes place in my graph paper planner. More on this in a post coming soon!)

First up: I have an epic series of tessellation-based blankets coming. Here are a couple samples of the shapes and the color schemes… y’all I want to show you so much more of this, but I must keep it all to myself! ❤️

Next up: A pair of mixed-motif blankets.. You can see the rough blanket sketch, and then its inspiration screen-shot, with the respective IG names showing! I highly recommend you run and follow those two accounts… Gorgeous and inspiring!

Finally: my current top three inspiration screen-shots – two incredible color palettes via lush hand-dyed yarns, and a quilt that is practically begging to be crocheted…

These three pics are not even formed into blankets in my head.. and they definitely won’t be over the next two weeks!!

I have so…. so. much more planned, but I just had to share some a tiny bit of the stuff that’s coming up down the line. ❤️

But for now, I’m on a design break!


Happy crafting,

Rachele C.


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