CypressTextiles: 2017 reflections and a peek at what’s to come

Well, y’all, the year is rapidly closing, and I’m feeling another urge to look back at what I accomplished this year, just to reassure myself that in all the forward motion, I didn’t lose track of my big picture goals. Nerd alert, I know…

If you stay with me for this entire post, you can give yourself a pat on the back, as I’d like to take some time to go through each month and share highlights, discuss lessons learned, and celebrate special moments. So settle in, as it’s going to be a lengthy one. 🙂

Click each photo to read more about the event! Yay!


January 17 – Moon Landing Blanket Published

January is always an awkward month for me. I still have my old, filled up Moleskine to reference my to do lists from the previous year and keep checking things off that weren’t completed. Let’s face it, in January, I practically have one foot in the previous year. Moon Landing was a piece that I took with me to Disney World over Thanksgiving break 2016, and I was finally able to publish it two months later.

Bonus pics of Disney (there were so. many. pics. but I chose my two favorites!)


In January 2016, I was just beginning the VVCAL which had me hugely busy, so this year I felt a little like I was twiddling my thumbs… It’s okay though, I did pick up momentum in the coming months!


When Scheepjes Whirl came out, I had the privilege to try it, and I got right to work on this scarf! I used both ends of the ball for the striped effect. Also, BEADS. ❤️

February 15 – Had a play with some gorgeous Whirl

February 23 – Nearly finished with all of the blanket samples for my book – releasing Summer 2018

In February I was up against a lot of deadlines and as things started to pile up on me, I had to do some soul searching to try and locate the bottleneck in my little crochet empire. As it turns out, the bottleneck happened to be in production. I could design a pattern faster than I could work up the sample. So the gears started turning for what was to come in March! A big huge level-up… 🙂


March 2017 – I created the Tester Tribe and definitely leveled up in a big way…

Spent a couple of weeks in March emailing Tester Tribe applicants and selecting members. Holy cannoli about 150 people were interested in testing! It was a super hard process, but wow was it worth it. I got to meet and befriend 15 of the nicest, most generous, and warm-hearted ladies in the world. Head to my Community Page to read more about the CypressTextiles Tester Tribe. ❤️


The first Tester Tribe project! The Cottontail blanket pattern, sample piece and photography by Iris of SouthernBelleCrochet.

April 16 – Cottontail Blanket pattern published – Sample and photography by Iris Dongo of Southern Belle Crochet


May 17 – Amazon Blanket pattern published in YARN bookazine, issue 03, Tropical

The Amazon Blanket was constructed in October 2016, but published in May of this year. That was a really long time for me to keep a hooky secret. Especially of one of my favorite designs! Now available as a kit 🙂


Four published patterns this month! Tester Tribe rocking and rolling – I’m super thankful!

June 9 – Gemma Blanket pattern is published

June 20 – Rebecca Mobius Scarf free pattern published – Turquoise sample and photography are by Andrea Grimaldi-Greig

June 23 – Magic Flying Carpet pattern published

June 25 – Hearthside Blanket free pattern is published. Sample and photography by Kaelyn Guerin of iiirdwind




July 6 – Namaste Chunky pattern published

July 14 – 2 VVCAL Blankets finished!

July 23 – Coastal Garden Shawl published in Simply Crochet magazine – Squeeeeee!



My first time being published in a crochet magazine – still very surreal. I’m still just a girl crocheting in Texas. 🙂


In 2013, I had a plan to begin making crochet tutorial youtube videos. Just a short 4 years later, and I finally accomplished that goal lol… This month I made a YouTube account and started recording tutorials! Also, some patterns got published and my city was underwater for 3 weeks. Absolutely depressing and scary time that was. I’ve tried to block it out.

August 3 – Seaglass Blanket pattern published. Sample blanket and photography by Kaelyn Guerin of iiirdwind

August 15 – Granny Square Day! One Love granny square freebie published

August 20 – Island Wildflower free pattern published! Sample and photography by Teresa Daily Davis

About August 15 – Row by Row JAYG – My very first YouTube Video!

Rescue boats fill a flooded street at flood victims are evacuated as floodwaters from Tropical Storm Harvey rise Monday, Aug. 28, 2017, in Houston. (AP Photo/David J. Phillip)


Started playing with some really gorgeous color palettes:

September 17 – Autumn Blues Blanket pattern published

End of September – Major Goal Setting Session for 2018!

September was also Hexagon Month around here, and I designed and worked up a bunch of hexagon designs, and all of my YouTube tutorials this month were about methods of joining hexagon motifs to make a blanket.


October 12 – Finished VVCA blanket in green mix

October 27 – New Horizons Blanket pattern published in YARN, issue 4, “The Dutch Masters”

Big WIP finish this month and another Scheepjes YARN publish – proud of this one!

I also converted a few of my paid patterns to freebies this month – woohoo! With the support of you all, I can create tons of new content, which allows me to release more free stuff. Gotta love that. ❤️

This month also marks the month I really put pen to paper on my idea to open a yarn shop and become a Scheepjes retailer. Exciting and scary!!


November 13 – Created my first Yarn Shop listing – Hexagon Burst Kits – *Whew*

November 16 – Cozy Flowers Blanket free pattern published

Packing kits for my shop pre-opening, and what a fun world it is on this side of the yarn ball. It has been a mind-strengthening experience to plan, and advertise, and orchestrate everything that goes into becoming a yarn shop. I’m loving it ☺️


Officially on the map this month with the release of Scheepjes Our Tribe yarn, and a color-way named CypressTextiles, with colors that I chose myself. Totally the highlight of my year!

December 15 – Scheepjes “Our Tribe” the Bloggers’ yarn was released – my very own colorway – Hundred Chain Scarf Pattern Published


December 13 – Sunshine Blanket free pattern published


My last project of 2017 pictured above. Callie was released and may just be my most popular pattern of the entire year. Personal 2018 goals are already penned, but what can you expect from 2018?

  • More videos!
  • A greater variety of patterns
  • 2 words: Yarn shop!
  • Book release ❤️

I have also decided in 2018 that my New Years resolution is going to be to work less, and make more money! (Not in a materialistic way – more like in a put-food-on-the-table, contribute-to-the-family way.) ❤️ Essentially being more efficient, and working smarter, not harder. I tend to over-think things and over-plan, and then I’m lost in the details, but this next year I’m all about simplifying . We’ll see how long that lasts!

THANK YOU! For y’all’s support every day as my hooky life would be nothing without the love of my fellow crochet buddies.

Hope your 2017 was fruitful, and your 2018 is twice as blessed. ❤️

Happy crafting,

– RacheleC.


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  1. Phew! That’s an impressive list of achievements. How exciting to know you have a book coming out. It’s not economical for me to buy yarn from another country but a book is another matter. Yay! 😀

  2. I wish you the best of luck with your new yarn store endeavor! You certainly deserve it after all of your work and determination! Also, thank you so much for sharing your creativity and the end-results with us. I do so love, love, love your creations!