Some Seriously Sunshiny Days

Hi, y’all! So this has been a WIP for about 2 months now and I’m finally able to show you a decent amount of work… I’ve been addicted to Spring colors lately so don’t mind this off-season palette..

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I’m using Scheepjes | Cotton 8 yarn for this project. Read more about how I chose this color palette on the yarny blog post.

Cotton 8 is a fingering weight yarn, which I thought I would not enjoy, but it turns out I’ve really grown fond of these tiny motifs, so I think I’ll be making more small gauge patterns. For this yarn I used a size 3.25mm (D) hook. Coming from a long history of worsted weight with a size 6.5mm (K) hook, that’s saying a lot!

(Side note: Don’t you feel like when you switch back and forth between large and small hooks, the large hook feels a bit like crocheting with a log?? Maybe just me lol)

Alert – we have pompoms in the house… I repeat: Pompoms. In. The house.

Of course the wonderful thing about blankets is that you don’t have to pay much attention to gauge – I think that’s one reason I love them so much! – so you can use any thickness yarn with your favorite accompanying hook and still get a gorgeous piece. Check out results of my other Cotton 8 play-times.

If you didn’t notice, I threw an olive green into the mix for these motifs. Another quirk in my long history of crochet is that I often pair olive with mint. I just think those two colors together are so beautiful. You can see in the photo above, I couldn’t resist sitting them next to one another. So pretty!

It’s like an unexpected cool and warm pairing – for some reason it just works.

Okay, but back to this sun-shiny blanket – I got requests to make the pattern release before the holidays, and I think I can do it, y’all! But it may be a by-a-nose win – I’ll get chugging along on it though. In the meantime I have a quickie pattern for a sparkly holiday garland in the works – stay tuned 🙂

Happy crafting!!

Rachele C.


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    • Very cool! Yes back when I did custom pieces I would always have people asking me if the yarn was cotton.. I only worked with 100% acrylic at that point, and never considered using cotton although it’s so popular among crochet artists outside the US.

      I have a sneaking suspicion that we Americans are a bit “instant gratification” hungry and prefer the larger gauge of many available acrylic yarns. We love our worsted weight!

      But lots of cottons are thinner and you have to use a smaller hook because otherwise the fabric doesn’t keep its shape. (Cotton is not stretchy like acrylic, so it won’t “snap” into place as well.)

      So anyway, all that is to say: I hadn’t tried it before, but I do love cotton and cotton/acrylic blends now. 😁😁😁