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Goal Setting Sesh!

Okay it’s only the end of September, but let’s face it, Father Time has one foot in 2018 already at this point, and we all know it. At this time of year, I always get this itchy feeling to evaluate the 3 Big Goals I set for 2017 and start laying out new ones for next year.

{Cotton 8 yarn}

2017 Goals

  1. Update 1 “old” paid pattern per month, beginning with oldest patterns first. Yikes! I only updated 2 patterns this year.. (Desert Bloom and Wildflower) But the year isn’t over and I have plans to update 1 more.. 3/12 is a terrible grade!
  2. Launch “Shade Tree” – a new artist collaboration mini-zine, to release twice yearly It’s been in the works for almost 2 years! Determined to release the ShadeTree pattern collection this year 🙂
  3. Begin page on filled with goodies for followers, including much requested video tutorials Done! Patreon page up and running – become a patron to support my crafty endeavor and get in on the inside scoop. Yummy sneak peek posts are already scheduled and ready to drop on October 1.

{Merino Soft yarn}

2018 Goals

  1. Update patterns that need it! Some patterns were written when I was in the “larval phase” of design work… But now I’m a butterfly, baby! Just kidding I’m still improving every day, but those early patterns seriously need a touch-up…
  2. Begin Seasonal Box! More than just a pattern kit, the seasonal box has some beautiful items that you will adore. A pretty blanket for every season. Looking forward to putting this one together for y’all!
  3. Organize design idea binders! This one is a personal goal. My idea/inspiration/sketch binders are a colossal wreck, which makes it difficult to remember awesome ideas. Sometimes I’ll finish designing a pattern and flip through my inspo binder only to find I forgot about something cool I had wanted to add in the blanket. No more losing amazing ideas!!
  4. Bonus goalOperation: Blanket Stack!

So there you go! My 3 Big Goals for 2018 all written down – no going back now.. Light a candle for me that I may actually complete all 3 lol

The year really does fly by, and it’s easy to let the big picture get away from you as you check the boxes on your daily to-do list. This can create the gut-wrenching sensation of just spinning your wheels. I like to set and complete a few big goals every year so at least the undercurrent of my business is always moving forward.

What would your 3 big goals be? I’d love to hear them!

Bonus pics of my son, who thinks the top of the couch was made for him to lounge on, lavishly.


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  1. You achieve so much Rachele, especially with your busy family life. And isn’t your little boy just adorable! It’s nice to see the face of the little voice we sometimes hear on your live videos. Very best of luck with your goals, you’re such an inspiration 💕 Jo @cuppansnook x