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I have two words: Exclusive Content!! I cannot wait to give y’all a huge collective hug and share this secret content with you. Join Patreon and become a patron for fun rewards at any level from $1 to $5 to $10 a month. 

Vibrant Vintage Blanket – 2016 CAL


The rewards were so fun to come up with! Now that I have a YouTube channel, I can make behind-the-scenes videos private and upload them for patron eyes only. Check out what I came up with, and leave me a comment if you have a suggestion for other rewards. 

How does it work? 

When you become a patron, you scroll the CypressTextiles Patreon blog where I will be posting all the fun secret content. Each post will show who is able to view it! Some general posts will be made “public”, and everyone can see them, and others that include rewards for patrons will have a little lock in the corner with the applicable patron level. So if you’re a “Fan!” you’ll automatically see all the $1 level posts with design videos and sneak peek photos, but the other level posts will remain locked. 

Row by Row JAYG – or the “boomerang join”

I’ve wondered and thought and ruminated and meditated and mused and basically broke my brain in the past trying to figure out if I should add a “donate” button to my site. I’ve seen other crafter sites with donate buttons! There is a ton of free content on CypressTextiles.net, but I still had trouble with the idea. Then Patreon came along! Reward your fans with exclusive content – now there’s an idea! 

Continuous Flat Braid Join for Hexagons

About a year ago, I set up my account and gave some thought to the rewards, and I felt like I didn’t have enough to offer. I wanted it to be worth it to donate. Videos were a much-requested addition to my crafty repertoire but at that time I didn’t have the courage to make video. Fast forward to today and I have so much video to share! My YouTube channel is just beginning ❤️

Hearthside Blanket

Take a look at my Patreon Fan Page, and consider becoming a patron in October – I’ll begin posting patron-only content at that time. What I’m looking forward to most is the Q&A Session… of course there’s the blanket drawing! And the free exclusive pattern… swoon.. 

Here’s a HUGE thank you to all of you for your gracious support over the years. I’m excited for everything that lies ahead. As I’ve always said: there’s no end in sight!