2018 Goal: Stack of Blankets

You guys… people are sharing their stacks of blankets… and I’m going slowly insane. More on that later, but first! I searched Instagram tags #crochetblanketstack and #blanketstack — Loooooook….

I preserved the IG name in the crop so you can go have a scroll! From pastel above to bright below, these stacks are giving me all the feels. 

One of my crochet BFFs, Tester Tribe member, and overall amazing human, Gwen – @StitchGwen. Omg this stack is so jewelly and beautiful. Bonus crochet footstool cover ❤️❤️

One of my favorite IG feeds, and this photo is over a year old, but wow! You can scroll the @kikalite feed all the way down and it’s nothing but gold.

Eeeeep!! Look at this cozy stack!! Honestly this is goals.

WendiCrocheter is like the best. Have you seen her embroidery floss mandala by the way? Yes… embroidery floss. Just wow! But back to this blanket stack, it’s not hard to see that she loves two things: details and pastels.

This next photo is like the “Where’s Waldo?” of blanket stacks. But I had no problem searching Mandy’s dazzling bookcase to find it. Talk about wow! I mean my books are organized by color, but this is a whole ‘nother level! And the blanket stack is pretty okay, too. 🙂

CrochetGirl99 Robyn has the sweetest li’l blanket stack this side of the Mississip’ ❤️ I could stare at it for hours! Those flowers are so cute, and the textured ripple ones are adorable too.

Julie @LittleWoolie has one of my favorite IG feeds because of her unique signature color combinations. This blanket stack has me swooning! 

Then she pulled out her striped blankets and I about fell over… 

Okay now that I’ve got you all giddy… I have some terrible news: I have no blanket stack. Yep. My house is blanketstackless. I’ve made literally hundreds of blankets yet I have no stack. Insane.

Why? Two reasons: 1) I always sell my prototypes and my testers keep their samples. 2) Between custom orders, commissions, pattern writing, and everything else I do for my job, I’ve never had time to make pieces for my home! So the only blankets I have are the ghastly ones that I learned how to crochet on, before I converted my hobby into a small business. And some of those don’t even have the ends woven in lol… 

One time I took a photo of the blanket designs I wrote for my book (coming out soon!) before I sent them off to the publisher. So in a way I did have a blanket stack – for about 10 minutes. 

2018, people! 2018 is the year that I build my blanket stack. My household of four kids and four fur-babies and wonderful hubby – they all deserve to have an extended warm hug from their mami in the form of a hand-made blanket. My plan is to make eight blankets: one for each of my kids, one for me and hubs, one for the back of the couch, and two small ones for the fur-babies. 

I’m thinking ultra-cozy pieces with a loosely-applied overarching color theme, and I’ll be throwing in a couple that only a mother could love. I’m thinking granny square remnant blankets, and remnant stripes. But we shall see! Straying from my typical geometric pieces may prove difficult…. All I know is that my three daughters are obsessed with Scheepjes Whirl, so some of them are destined to be pretty.

So watch this space! I’ll keep y’all updated on the mission status! ❤️❤️


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  1. Great idea! You will have a gorgeous stack for sure:). I am a bit like you though and tend to give most of my projects away. Maybe we should start making an extra a block or two and having a mini stack of blankets! Lol❤️❤️