WIP Update: KnitPicks  Palette VVCAL Blanket

One last status report on this teeny gauge VVCAL blanket before I start joining it and digging into that wide, lush border. 

New planning supplies thanks to the tax free weekend and discounts on back-to-school funsies. Graph paper notebooks are the bees knees! And I’m not sure I need another binder, but honestly, floral and stripes?! I’ve been trying so hard to bring back that 2013 fashion trend and this whole time it’s been alive and well on stationery?? 

This is KnitPicks Palette yarn. 

The VVCAL squares already work well together but I’m throwing in a few surprise squares as I took the oppotunity to design some new squares. Yay! 

I dragged out my hand-drawn charts from the Vibrant Vintage CAL for this blanket project. Gorgeous hook roll by Instagram’s @SewRayMe.

Joining attempt #1:

And #2 – amongst about 3 more… 

I tried several joins for these squares and I didn’t like any of them. So of course I came up with a different Join altogether! 

The Row by Row JAYG, or the “Boomerang Join” is a simpler alternative to the continuous Join-as-you-go, but still lets you weave far fewer ends and makes for a quicker joining experience. Read about this Join here. There’s even a video!

Looking forward to sharing this FO with you all, as soon as I can finish it. 🙂

– RC


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