Playing With Yarn

Yarn Arrives for a Fresh Wildflower 

Find Stonewashed at LoveKnitting* (US), WoolWarehouse* (UK), and KnottyHouse* (CA), and other Scheepjes retailers. Trust me, you can put 10 random colors in your shopping cart and it’ll make a smashing palette. Remember the time I had the biggest pile of yarn on my breakfast nook table? Let me show you just in case…

Well I started pulling random sets out of this pile, and I fell in love with this fresh, vibrant palette. I like it because it goes through a sort of tropical rainbow range of colors. I tried to keep it fresh while still adding in some more muted colors like the olive greens to keep it grounded.

But I couldn’t decide… 12 colors? 14? 16? The beautiful thing about this yarn is the wide color range available. Check out my review of this yarn for lots more info!

I finally decided on 12 colors and here is the final palette. More than a little in love with this one! Nice and bold, without too many pastels. I like how these colors have a similar “strength” of instensity, with exception maybe for the light orange at the bottom left, but I couldn’t live without it 🙂

Grey is my new favorite neutral, so yay! I had enough to make it the background for this piece. 

More info on these colors as the project progresses!

And lookie at what the lovely Tester Tribe member, Teresa Davis, is testing! A reboot of the Wildflower Blanket ❤️❤️❤️ 

Stay tuned, y’all! 

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