WIP: Un-named Whirl möbius scarf 

Hello, y’all! Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend! Today I thought I’d give you crafters an update on how my Scheepjes Whirl* WIP is going. 

This is such a pretty yarn, and a total dream to work with. Check out my full review to get a better look. 

I’m creating a free pattern specially designed for this yarn – a scarf which is not quite yet named… I can’t decide on a name!! But I’m thinking Rebecca Möbius Scarf will stick 🙂 

Here is my progress so far with the gorgeous Blueberry Bambam colorway: 

I am alternating between the outside and center of the cake for this pattern, so the color play is divine. You can see the color changes begin with the flecks of the next color slowly appearing. The special twist is perfection!

The smooth transitions between colors is my favorite part.

And take a peek at Tester Tribe member, Andrea Grimaldi’s WIP! (IG: ndrgrmld) She took some snapshots of her scarf, testing in the Green Tea Tipple colorway. 

Look at Andrea’s pic of the color changes! What a difference compared to the Blueberry Bambam. All of the colorways would have such different looks. 

I love this yarn… and so did Andrea! She gave me some feedback during her pattern test:

“Watching the colors change with each stitch was so fun, and the different colors really give the scarf character. It also drapes really well and feels luxurious when wearing it.” 

Sounds like you don’t have to worry about any scratchy feeling when wearing, which is a common concern of mine, especially for scarves. Check out that Green Tea Tipple color-fade up close:

Huge thanks to Andrea for the teaser photos of her Green Tea Tipple WIP, and she gave me some great tips to add to the pattern. I can’t wait to show you guys the gorgeous FO reveal! ❤❤ 

In the meantime, look! Three new colorways are being added to the Whirl line – omg 😍😍😍😍 – Scheepjes Facebook Post 

That Sherbet Rainbow is seriously calling to me!!! ❤

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