Hearthside Blanket: The WIP that I never want to end.

Seriously. I’ve had some convos recently about how quick I am to frog something that’s just not doing it for me, so y’all know I cannot stand having WIPs laying around… But this yarn is so fun to work with, I had to jump into a project knowing full well I’d have to promptly cast it aside. 

At least the play time was fun!! Read my full review of Scheepjes Secret Garden, and see for yourself how beautiful it is. I describe it as a sort of thick and thin tweed.. and it has all these marly bits. Every stitch is a surprise 🙂 

Maybe the most fun part of this WIP (and  also the saddest… but really the funnest!) is the fact that I sent all the yarn off to a lovely member of my NEW CypressTextiles Tester Tribe! I’ll have the page introducing everyone up and running soon. 

Now Robyn Axelrod is testing the pattern, and for that I am so thankful. Her work is really beautiful and I know she has a detail-oriented mind to give me feedback and criticism. Head to her Facebook page. Come for the crochet, stay for the horses and lush greenery. ❤

The Tester Tribe is complete for now, but it could grow in the future! It took a long time, and I’m so fortunate to work with a group of talented and genuine ladies. And just look at Robyn’s photos… (PS, her table has me swooning 😍😍)

When her Secret Garden yarn arrived:

Comparing different granny square styles. Check out how the “traditional grannies” on the left show a gradual color change with the variegated Secret Garden, and then how it looks to the right when you flip the square after each round. Both squares are absolutely beautiful, and to tell the truth you could just work SC back and forth and still have a gorgeous blanket with Secret Garden.

Another yummy granny square photo by Robyn because why not?!

Here’s Robyn’s blanket currently! I have a special connection to this piece because the yarn and design are just so cozy, and I cannot wait for Robyn to reveal more squares. I’m in love with the colors! 

When everything is wrapped up and I have all my pattern feedback, this will be released as a free pattern, both here and on Ravelry. Yippee-yay!!

Look out for the Hearthside Blanket pattern coming soon! ❤❤❤


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  1. Beautiful yarn and your pattern uses it so well – I am looking forward to your pattern so that I will have a reason for buying the yarn (as if I really need a reason)!

  2. This yarn is so fun to work with and I love the beautiful colors. I just made me a sweater and it feels so great. I love your pattern and colors it looks really great.