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Hygge-Chaka: “Hooked” on a feeling!

(Featured photo by Simy Somer) Sing it with me now! Hygge chaka, hygge-hygge-hygge chaka! The #ScheepjesCAL2017 has begun! February 15 marked the day everyone dove hooks first into their BEAUTIFUL Scheepjes Hygge Kits*. It's also my wedding anniversary, but I am completely disctracted looking through the Hygge Instagram posts... The abundance of showoff photos that… Continue reading Hygge-Chaka: “Hooked” on a feeling!

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Scheepjes Whirl

Eeeep! Scheepjes adds another sugary-sweet yarn to their collections. I was just swatching with BonBon and Sugar Rush* the other day, and then I heard about the yummy Whirl upcoming release - well you know this girl has a sweet tooth! Check out this absolutely delicious sneak peek photo from Scheepjes: And drooooool over these ice cream-y… Continue reading Scheepjes Whirl