What’s in a (pattern) name?

Do y’all have as much trouble naming your projects as I do?? I meditate and ruminate and contemplate and deliberate, and then at the end of it all, the name I choose has to “grow on me” before I start to love it. 

Shown here is one of the first hexie prototypes for this blanket.

Sometimes you can just name a blanket based on its form, and that makes it easy. “Popcorn Hexagon Blanket” was almost the name of this piece, but I thought it was so boring and cold, especially for a cute pattern that’s about to form epic popcorn diamonds when I join more motifs… So that means sometimes you have to name a piece based on what it looks like and how it makes you feel! Difficuuuuult…

But here goes..

What my WIP reminds me of:

  • 60s Space Age 

art by el gato gomez – click for more

  • 2 words: Space boots.

“out of stock” – well obviously!

  • Salt water taffy!!

good thing i have a cute dentist

Maybe I’ll call it the Space Taffy Moon blanket. For now I’m just calling it  “Moon Landing.”

Click to find out more about these yarns.

While working on this WIP, I generated a small froggy graveyard… Shown below are the odds and ends that were frogged, cut, and otherwise abandoned in the interest of decent pattern design..

Once I got past the frustrating frog phase, I got to this: 

The radiant and shining phase. Oooooo, aaaaaahhhhhh. 

Yes it looks exactly the same as the pic at the beginning of this post. But! It is not the same.. On previous attempts, the center portion of the motif puffed out. And I redid the popcorn too. Plus, I couldn’t decide on which Back Loops Only method I liked, but I came full circle on that one..

…..And now I’m here! The crank-out-the-hexies phase.

That bright pink Softfun Aquarel in the other photos was bothering me. I took it out… Put it back in… Took it out… No it needs the color pop.. Put it back in… too briiiiiight! 

Then I thought of something. Aquarel is a fading yarn that shifts through shades of light to dark, so decided I could compromise by cutting out the darkest pink sections of yarn. 

Check out the dark pink at the bottom center of the photo below. I think it’ll work! Now it looks like a pale pink that is better suited to the overall palette. Hurrah!

Can’t wait to join this bad boy!! Final reveal coming soon! 

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  1. Lovely. Can’t wait to see a few Hexies joined.
    Got a kick out of your naming MO. Too funny. I do that too. Sometimes the project never gets an “official” name. Sigh