If I had a nickel for every comment on my Instagram or Facebook asking me about a yarn or pattern in the photo… I’d have a really big bag of nickels… And in all honesty, with such awesome opportunity to have access to affiliate links that allow my followers to make yarny purchases and support my work without paying a dime more, then I should definitely make good use of it. 

Unfortunately, IG and FB provide little in the way of in-depth linkage.. So I tested out a company called LinkInProfile.com, which allows me to add any link in the caption of an IG post, and automatically puts together a streamline mini-blog of clickable IG posts leading to that linked site. I used this for about four months; you may have noticed. They do offer a month free, but the monthly subscription price wasn’t worth it, when I considered I could only add one link. 

A sample LinkInProfile site by IG user, CafeDelites

Do any research into making your IG page work for you, and you’ll find Like2Buy.. Check it out by clicking the profile link on the IKEA IG page. Whoa! What a gorgeous site! 

BUT… it’s mainly marketed toward huge stores like IKEA, Nordstrom, and the like. Not for li’l ol’ me. 

Of course that didn’t stop me from making up a copy-cat site.. Hopefully this will inspire you to grow your little crochet biz as well! 

Introducing CTshopmyinsta.wordpress.com! The easy way to find out more info about my social media posts.

Here are some examples:

I’ll post the same pic as I did on IG and FB, but with cutesy numbers – added using the iOS app LiveCollage, then below  that I’ll add in quick snapshots of the components and link the photo to more info, like where to buy the yarn, or how to get the pattern. The website is free for me (I didn’t even buy the domain to make it a .net) and the whole process to make each post takes me only about 15 minutes as I have all my links set up and saved through bitly.com. I also made the site really bare-bones, with no sidebars, and no comments. As an added bonus, I can add categories to make the posts searchable. Yay!
Hopefully this will help, and even though I’m just starting out with the site, I chose some IG posts from the past to fill it up a little. I’m sure I’ll get more clever with my photos and info links as time goes on, and I get faster at it. And if I can find a theme more suited to the function, I’ll switch it out. For now, the free Hatch theme by WordPress is the one that most resembles Like2Buy.

Pretty snazzy! I’m super-excited about CTshopmyinsta and I appreciate y’all taking a look and poking around. Remember, making a purchase using any of the links will support CypressTextiles and help me to continue provide free and paid content for the foreseeable future – which is what I’m passionate about! 

Stick around for my 2017 reveal of two more ways to enjoy CypressTextiles: a semiannual mini-mag artist collaboration (I’m soooo excited for this!!) and VIDEO TUTORIALS. I’ve had a huge request for videos and you can find out more about special access to them via Patreon.com – coming in 2017. Woohoo! 

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