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One Bowl Chocolate Cake

Today I made the One Bowl Chocolate Cake III on allrecipes.com. 

I’ve made this cake a couple dozen times and it comes out perfect every time. It is definitely my go-to chocolate cake recipe, bookmarked on my phone and everything. 

 What I love about this cake is that you literally throw it all together in the bowl – no fuss – the most complicated thing is having to remember to boil a small saucepan of water… 

And here’s that pic now – after I just poured the boiling water in and stirred it a bit. Be sure to incorporate the eggs 100% before adding the boiling water!! Scrambled eggs in my cake = bad. Lol..

Surprise!!! I always make this in my bundt pan, both because I love the way it bakes so evenly, and because I can slice it into little rounds for my kids to enjoy as afternoon snack. 

I don’t frost or glaze, as we do prefer our sweets to be less sweet than most folks. 

All sliced up, ready to go! We had some unexpected company and I whipped up this tasty treat in no time while they chatted in the living room. Before you knew it, the whole house smelled like chocolate. Perfection! 

Just loooook at that moist delicious cake. Irresistible, and way better than any box cake, but just as easy. Twelve thumbs up from the Carmona household! ❤️❤️


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