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This blanket is made for a rock star.

Peep this rockin’ blanket. I’m in love with it and so pleased to share the pattern with you all – look for “Hexagon Burst: Free Pattern” next week! (Needs to go through my updated pattern template checklist!) I’m still going around for portions of the border, but I’m still calling this an FO because I can finish the pattern at this point.

Can you just imagine draping this blanket around your shoulders for an instant rock star energy boost? Make it in the original Scheepjes* Velvet* for maximum energy potential, or pick your own yarns and have a blast mixing up the color palette. 

Here I started one in a little 17-color mix of Catona Denim* and Sunkissed*. 

Isn’t it darling in this yarn? Complete change of personality! And so lacy in the thinner weight too. In this sample, I used the same color for the first three rounds instead of just two, because I wanted to have more variety of colors among the motifs.. Lowering the amount of colors per hexie to four helped, and I like the way it looks with the flowery center instead of cutting off after Rnd 2.

Back to the Velvet version. 🙂

For this rock star blanket, I used the darker shades of Velvet for joining and lighter ones for the flowers, and as I mentioned in a previous post, I was careful not to use the brighter shades (yellow, aqua) for the center circle to avoid having any circle “polka dot” effect. 

Looking forward to sharing this pattern and seeing all your lovely makes. Be sure to hashtag #hexagonburstblanket on social media! 

Few more pics:

Close-up of border that I’m calling “Big Leaf Edging” which will be included in the pattern but I’ll also publish it separately to use on any blanket. Also, it will look more clearly like leaves in a solid color! So I’ll make up a small sample for that shortly.

And one last photo featuring my son who is taking advantage of the moment to draw on the floor in pen.. His expression says it all 🙂

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  1. Oh I love it and can’t wait to start mine. The yarn and hook are ready. Thank you so much for the beautiful pattern. So pretty.