Velvet Yarn WIP!

Hexagon Burst came to be when I decided to see how many petals I could jam onto a sunburst circle flower. Turns out you can safely cram 24 petals if you add an extra round in the center and make those sts taller with trebles (UK double-trebles). 

Such an exaggeratedly large and bold hexagon motif deserves a unique yarn, and Scheepjes* Velvet* is just that! With a saturated palette, and a super-cool color effect, this yarn makes a pattern really stand out. Perfect for Hexagon Burst! To read my full review or buy this yarn, click – HERE

By the way, I love that they named this yarn “Velvet” because it totally reminds me of those fuzzy velvet coloring posters.

click to order one and enjoy a blast from the past

More motifs as the blanket grows.. The yellow and green colors stand out so much, I decided not to use them for the center 2-round circle, only for outer petal rounds. That way I don’t get a polka-dot effect.

Can’t want to finish this up and write the freebie pattern – Hexagon Burst – to be released in mid September. This will be the first free pattern that I’m going to make in my updated system. All of my patterns – free and paid – will be getting an update!! By the end of 2017 I’m hoping that I’ll be done with every single one of them πŸ™‚ 

New patterns and updates will include:

  • Charts (yay!)
  • Updated written instruction
  • Fewer step-by-step photos, but more clarity and precision in photos and writing
  • PDF download on Ravelry, Craftsy, Etsy, and LoveKnitting – even for free patterns where possible
  • Options for both US and UK terms
  • More precise yarn information if possible 

Woohoo! Looking forward to the overhaul! Stay tuned for the Hexagon Burst FO reveal πŸ™‚

Extra WIP pics added 9/12/16!

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