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KnitPicks Palette Yarn

Where to buy: KnitPicks Palette* When you have a winner, you have a winner. I've been collecting Palette for a couple years now, ordering when a certain color combo grabs my fancy, and adding the 50g candies to my special Palette Tupperware bin. I just love this yarn. It comes in 150 colors! And it's… Continue reading KnitPicks Palette Yarn

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Hexagon Burst: Free Pattern 

I am so excited to finally offer my Hexagon Burst free pattern to you all! This hexie was made with the classic Sunburst square in mind (hey-hey Priscilla Hewitt - my crochet idol!) but I made 2DC clusters in place of the puff stitches, and I added an oversized outer petal round. Oh yeah, and… Continue reading Hexagon Burst: Free Pattern 

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My Planner: Moleskine

Warning! If you're not interested in how I juggle a huge workload and 4 kids + hubby without losing my noodle, just skip this post 😁😁❤️ I've always been a meticulous planner, but never stuck with any one method of organizing it all. Previously I'd go through spiral notebooks haphazardly, and half the time I'd… Continue reading My Planner: Moleskine

Free Patterns

Vibrant Vintage Blanket Border! 

Find this border pattern in PDF format as a Ravelry download. (Side note: if you are interested in the Vibrant Vintage CAL, I created a 45-page PDF including condensed versions of all 33 square patterns, plus two popular border options, and the lace border.  I've added a Ravelry ebook page for this blanket, but it will… Continue reading Vibrant Vintage Blanket Border! 

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Sweet Treat is sweet as candy! 

Introducing a new yarn by Scheepjes*! I'm welcoming Sweet Treat* laceweight thread to my Scheepjes stash ❤️❤️ There are 87 shades of this 25gr teensy yarn - each little ball is about 2.25" tall, and recommended hook size is 1.25mm. It's truly the cutest thing! Check out this color range - wowzers! Colors match back to Catona*… Continue reading Sweet Treat is sweet as candy! 

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This blanket is made for a rock star.

Peep this rockin' blanket. I'm in love with it and so pleased to share the pattern with you all - look for "Hexagon Burst: Free Pattern" next week! (Needs to go through my updated pattern template checklist!) I'm still going around for portions of the border, but I'm still calling this an FO because I… Continue reading This blanket is made for a rock star.

Sunday Baking

Peach & Blueberry Upside Down Cake

I meant to publish this in November, but that's okay! I'll let you have it now 🙂 This is an upside down cake made with this recipe from It's a super simple cake and I used frozen pre-sliced peaches and frozen blueberries - thawed mostly but not all the way. I made the "caramel"… Continue reading Peach & Blueberry Upside Down Cake