Month: August 2016

Scheepjes Colour Crafter: A yarn stash staple.

I wanted to introduce y’all to a durable DK yarn that I just started using. Chances are if Scheepjes Colour Crafter isn’t already your go-to DK powerhouse, you have one that popped in your mind. I used to use a different one too, (probably the one you thought of!!) but the moment I laid hand on Colour Crafter, I never looked back. Check out this rich palette – can you tell I’m amped for Fall? I’ll be using these colors for an awesome pattern coming soon! Y’all will love it! This is only part of the selection that I have right now, and I suspect I’ll have all 93 (!) colors soon.. Here’s another palette that I’m using to update my Desert Bloom Blanket pattern. I love this yarn so much that I’m starting fresh with a whole new – larger – Desert Bloom in Colour Crafter. So what’s the yarn like? Scheepjes CC is ultra squishy and plush. Acrylic and easy care. One of the reasons I like it is that there isn’t much of …


KnitPicks Brava Sport

Buy this yarn – HERE* _________________________ This is my first time using my KnitPicks* Brava yarn that I bought eons ago during an email sale promo – gotta love some discount stash enhancement! I chose this palette for kind of a coral + sea glass vibe with navy added in to throw the whole thing off (in a good way). For curious crafters, here are these colors (front to back in the photo above): Marina, Cornflower, Tranquility, Fig, Mint, White, Seashell, Coral, Solstice Heather (the navy) When I got this yarn I was pretty sure it would be like all the other acrylic yarns out there. But it’s so much smoother! If you’re looking for great stitch definition, be sure to use a smaller hook because this yarn is flooooppppy 🙂 It’s very loosey-goosey. But this means the hand is so creamy soft it’s a great trade off. How does it compare to some DK brands? L to R: Woolcraft New Fashion DK, Stylecraft Special DK*, Scheepjes Colour Crafter*, and KnitPicks Brava Sport* Since it is sport weight, you …

VVCAL Border – Part 3 – Blanket finale! 

Still no charts yet as I have become a frantically busy bee! This will be much easier charted out vs having to look at this close-up photo to see what’s what, but I’ve tried to be extremely clear in the written instruction. It’s my lesson learned that cross my heart I won’t do another CAL without having all of the parts designed and finished before I begin. What was I thinking?! 🙂

Super Sweet Strawberry & Cherry Birthday Cake

My youngest daughter, Cecilia, celebrating her fifth birthday this weekend, asked me for a “vanilla cake, with strawberry frosting, with cherries on top”… And who am I to refuse?! Yellow cake is tough to make for me because it’s always come out dry in the past. I searched for a recipe that stated it was decidedly *not* dry, and I came across one called “David’s Yellow Cake,” – LINK HERE – and after reading through reviews, I thought it looked perfect! Okay, so I did make a couple of changes as some reviewers gave tips, but other than that I followed the methods to a T as I know it’s all in the name of moist cake.  Check out my room temp butter and sugar whipped up – YES I am holding this bowl up at a 90 degree angle!! And it’s barely slipping down slowly… I spent about 3-4 min beating with a hand-held mixer.  Below, check out the eggs beaten in one at a time! I followed advice and used 4 yolks and …