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Orange Pound Cake

By Ina Garten! Love her recipes

Find this beautiful orange cake recipe here – LINK

It was somewhat laborious to zest the oranges, but I enjoyed it since my husband told me his mother used to make this cake and he enjoys it. Of course that means it must be good! So below see some ingredients and my adding one egg at a time. No mixer here, so I’m growing biceps beating everything by hand 🙂

Stirred in the zest and it’s really beautiful. 

Bundt pan instead of 2 loaves?? Yesssss! 

I kept a careful eye on it – certainly didn’t want all that hard work to go to waste in an over cooked product! 

Didn’t use glaze as husband watches his sugar and it is for him after all 🙂 

And all sliced.. Next time I’ll add in oil for a softer crumb. And I do think I over-baked by 1-2 min! It was still absolutely delicious – my kids devoured it, even saying “you’re the best mom!” and all those things they exclaim when you give them sweets 😉 But next time I make it, it’ll be even better! 



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