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VVCAL Border – Part 1

Hi, everyone! 🙂

It’s been a while because y’all may know, I’m nose-deep in writing a blanket pattern book – Woohoo!

This week we are starting the border. Today I’ll post just the foundation rounds. You can add this border on ANY blanket, so if you have a blanket that needs edging, get it out and let’s do it!

The foundation rounds are just SC, but they’re very important because they’ll make the rest of the border flow easily and hopefully without having to “fudge” stitches. That’s why we have a whole week to get it right! Also as I said before, this edging will work with any size or join method.

Okay ready to start?? I know y’all have been waiting very patiently 😉

Please read through fully before beginning!

VVCAL Blanket Border Part 1 (Foundation Rounds)

Round 1: SC round

Begin in any corner and SC evenly around, putting 3 SC in each corner. Join with sl st in first SC. Do not cut yarn.

NOTE**It’s important to make sure you have the corner stitches, with a multiple of 4+1 on each side, like this:

Corner SC, multiple of 4 SC + 1, corner SC

Example of a side with correct amount of stitches:

Corner SC, 101 SC, corner SC

If you have DC or SC around your blanket before you begin, then use Round 1 to correct your stitch count, increasing or decreasing a couple stitches on each side as necessary to get the count right.

If you have chain loops around your blanket, you can divide up the count and evenly SC in each chain loop to get the count correct. If you have to make one loop with an extra SC, it’ll be okay I promise! The border will be so stunningly beautiful, nobody will notice. Make it in the center if it’s bugging you 😜😜

If you used Celtic Lace Join, you have larger loops around the blanket, and working just one SC round may come out lumpy. If this is the case, you can try a DC round first, then a final SC round. Just be sure the final SC round has the correct stitch count as above.

Round 2: Chain-2 loop round

**(SC, Chain 2, SC) in corner stitch to make corner. (Chain 2, skip 1, SC) across to the next corner, skip 1, repeat from ** around the blanket .. At the end of the round, chain 2, skip 1, join with sl st in first SC. Do not cut yarn.

These 2 rounds will be the foundation you need to start the V-stitch portion along with the beginning of the beautiful corners.

I have some wonderful eye candy for you to look at! So many of you are posting your progress pics in the Facebook and Ravelry groups, and in the #VVCAL hashtag on Instagram. I’ve pulled some really lovely blankets from the hashtag to feature! Looks like I have some following to do – all of the tagged VVCAL pics are stunning!!


  1. Thank you! I only have started and now have 19 blocks, but I enjoy it very much. I’m not on instagram but post on my blog and in your FB group !


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  3. carol says

    Hi. I haven’t started joining yet so am a little(!) behind. I’m wondering what yarn you are using for the border. The closest Stylecraft colour would be Parchment but it doesn’t look quite right judging from your photos. Thanks for your help.


    • Ah the yarn I’m using is just like a DK weight, cream color baby bouclé yarn to stash bust! It’s not Stylecraft; I think it’s Bernat. The color in real life is a vanilla off-white, close to Stylecraft “Cream” – hope that helps! 😊❤️


  4. Beverly Lemoine says

    OK I am already lost on round 1..LOL! You wrote: ” Round 1: SC round

    Begin in any corner and SC evenly around, putting 3 SC in each corner. Join with sl st in first SC. Do not cut yarn.

    NOTE**It’s important to make sure you have the corner stitches, with a multiple of 4+1 on each side, like this:

    Corner SC, multiple of 4 SC + 1, corner SC “….I don’t understand the multiples of 4+1. You said put 3 sc in each corner and sc evenly around. Wouldn’t there be all sc? Why the multiple of 4+1?


    • Because the quantity of stitches matters for the rounds to follow. So for example:

      If you have: Corner SC, 102 SC, Corner SC

      Then when you go to work round 2, you’ll have an extra stitch on that side.. So you’ll have to fudge a stitch to make it right again. Hope that helps!


    • Beverly Lemoine says

      OK never mind….I was reading it too literally, as usual. I was seeing multiples of 4+1 on each side of the corner.


      • Ah I see what you mean! Hehe – with my patterns I say 20 words where 5 will do 😉 Never hurts to ask so I can clarify! :)❤️


  5. Jacqui says

    Hi, Sorry but can I just clarify, when you say ‘corner SC, multiple of 4SC + 1, corner SC’ is the ‘corner SC’ all 3 stitches or just the centre one of the 3 SC?


  6. Please is it possible to give al writing for the first and second round border in diagram please I am actually Afrikaans speaking and struggling with the abreviations. Much aprreciated and ons pictures border looks stunning.


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  8. Geraldine logue says

    Just seen this border I’m thinking of putting it on a wip wondering if there’s a overall stitch count hope you can help the blanket is stunning thanks


    • Well, the pattern is designed to fit any blanket, so I’m not working with stitch counts – the only thing is it has to be at least big enough to accommodate the “leaflike” corners. Other than that, just make sure your 2 foundation rounds are set up correctly and you should be set!


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  10. I used joining method that already has (sc, ch2, sk1) around the edges & (sc,ch2,sc) in the corners. Can I skip the first 2 border rounds or will it mess it up? Thanks!


    • Great! Just check the count and you should be fine 🙂 I have seen another crafter do the same! She had flat braid join – it worked out great!
      Good luck to you 🙂
      Rachele C.


      • Ah – you know I don’t like to say it.. But I don’t know – hehe… If you pretend you have an “SC round with 3SC corners” before the chain-2 loop round, you can check the count that way, if I’m making sense.


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