Month: July 2016

VVCAL Border – Part 2

Happy #VVCAL Day everyone! This week we will be working the V-Stitch portion of our border. Advertisements


Billie Jean Yarn

Check out Wool and the Gang for this Billie Jean denim yarn – made out of upcycled denim remnants straight from the jeans factory!  I’ve used this yarn in a large blanket project for my upcoming book (!) and I’ve really enjoyed working with it. Is it squishy soft? No.. But it’s not meant to be. This is a very natural denim feel with excellent stitch definition and not too stiff, but not smooshy either. It has beautiful drape and is quite weighty.  This big blanket will do best if it lives on a bed – perfect to warm you snuggling under the sheets in cold winter weather. I’m calling this piece “the northerner,” so the yarn weight and texture are just perfect. Highly recommend this yarn. There are 3 shades so far, and working with all 3 is really lovely. You can see plenty of project inspo on the WatG Instagram and website. ❤️❤️❤️

Orange Pound Cake

By Ina Garten! Love her recipes Find this beautiful orange cake recipe here – LINK It was somewhat laborious to zest the oranges, but I enjoyed it since my husband told me his mother used to make this cake and he enjoys it. Of course that means it must be good! So below see some ingredients and my adding one egg at a time. No mixer here, so I’m growing biceps beating everything by hand 🙂 Stirred in the zest and it’s really beautiful.  Bundt pan instead of 2 loaves?? Yesssss!  I kept a careful eye on it – certainly didn’t want all that hard work to go to waste in an over cooked product!  Didn’t use glaze as husband watches his sugar and it is for him after all 🙂   And all sliced.. Next time I’ll add in oil for a softer crumb. And I do think I over-baked by 1-2 min! It was still absolutely delicious – my kids devoured it, even saying “you’re the best mom!” and all those things they …

VVCAL Border – Part 1

Hi, everyone! 🙂 It’s been a while because y’all may know, I’m nose-deep in writing a blanket pattern book – Woohoo! This week we are starting the border. Today I’ll post just the foundation rounds. You can add this border on ANY blanket, so if you have a blanket that needs edging, get it out and let’s do it.

Hurrah for Velvet!!

Scheepjes || Velvet Yarn has arrived! And there’s one in every color – heart eyes! See all of my Projects and Patterns using this yarn! Ignore the pizza boxes and busy kids buried in Summer workbooks – when this yarn came I had to clear a spot and photograph! The label says Colour Crafter, which got me thinking… Wouldn’t it be lovely to mix and match shades of Colour Crafter and Velvet in the same project?!? I happened to have these coordinating shades of CC in my stash, but you could mix it way up and use any colors.. My head is already brainstorming!! And since these colors with the acid bleached retro look (totally bringing me back to the 90s) remind me of the fabulous WestKnits, I just have to use every one of these babies in the same project – not a solid in sight. Introducing my next free pattern (nameless!!): a biiiig sunburst-flower-type hexagon – 11 inch across, 10 inch tall! Colors on the left for flowers, colors on the right for joining. …