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Pecan Sandies

My husband is the “cookies with coffee at 8pm” type, and he loves Pecan Sandies. In the pursuit of Sunday Baking happiness, I made these copy-cat cookies that I found last year. I copied the recipe down, and I changed it to suit my taste- then I changed it again, and again.. Now they’re perfect! 
Copy-cat Pecan Sandies


2 sticks unsalted butter (1 cup), softened

.5 cup granulated sugar

2 tsp vanilla extract (or 1 tsp each vanilla and almond extract)

1.5 tsp baking soda

.5 tsp salt

2 cup flour

1 cup pecans (pieces, finely chopped, or broken up halves.. Your preference)


Preheat oven to 330F

Cream butter and sugar in a big bowl..

Add vanilla extract and mix in..

Add flour, baking soda, and salt and gently fold together with a wooden spoon. Don’t beat it up.. Just incorporate the flour in. Stop when you barely see little stripes of flour.

Add pecans and gently fold in. It really will appear “sandy.”

Scoop small amounts onto cookie sheet – I use a tiny ice cream scoop! They don’t spread, so I can fit 36 cookies (9 rows of 4) on my cookie sheet. 

Bake 10 minutes and take them out!! Let cool 5 min or so, and transfer to a tray to cool completely.

 Yummmmmm! Perfectly sandy – handle with care – they may fall apart on you!! 

Here is my added flour:


My mixed dough – my son “helped” with an Elsa Popsicle maker lol.. 

A scoop of cookie.. Really pack your scoop to combat the cookie crumble blues… 

Photographic proof of 36 cookies on my tray – and the messy art table. And the crawfish cooker in the background – yes I’m Cajun ❤️

Hubby won’t eat anything too sweet tasting, so I doubled the recipe today and to the second half added an obscene amount of chocolate chips AND chunks.. You know.. “For the kids.” 

Plain! Yum! 

Chocolate! Yum!


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