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Easy Cherry Pie

My kids luuuurve cherry pie and for whatever reason I don’t bake it that often, so when I do… They go nuts! I wanted to surprise them with it today, which means a special Friday edition of Sunday Baking. Don’t worry, I’m making banana bread on Sunday – woof!

There are plenty of great recipes with lemon juice, made-from-scratch crust, corn starch, and plenty other ingredients that I’d gladly use in a cake or cookie recipe. 

Why do I insist on making pie with pre-made everything?! I don’t know, but it comes out delish and that’s what counts… 

I use 2 cans of Green Leaf Premium cherry filling/topping, and Marie Callender’s 9″ ready made crust. 


Pop 1 crust in the pie plate, dump cherry cans in, *add 1 tsp almond extract and mix around* 

Plop top crust down, easing edges together, brush some milk overtop, sprinkle brown sugar, poke slits with a knife

Bake at 425F, for about 35-40min


I like the browned crust – so yum!

Here’s my slice! Shared with li’l man and li’l miss.

Aaaaaaaaand the older kids got home – lol can you tell? Over half is gone.. 

Maybe that’s why I don’t slave over it… They devour it too fast!! 🙂 


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