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Super Crumb Coffee Cake

Today I baked this beautiful recipe for “Super Crumb Coffee Cake” found on the Sally’s Baking Addiction blog. I’ve been seeking out recipes for baked sweets that branch out from the common chocolate cake or cookie, and this coffee cake hit the spot.

Sally says she likes the crumble topping more than the cake part, which is definitely what made me choose her recipe – you can’t go wrong with that brown sugar and cinnamon crunch.

I followed the recipe exactly and it came out perfect both times I tested it. Although it’s a little more labor intensive than my other cake recipes (but still easy!), takes about 1hr to bake and 1 (very long) hr to cool, and my family devours it WAY too quickly…I’d still take time on a Sunday to bake this treat.

I literally cut up the butter because I don’t have a mixer, and since Sally says the butter must be very cold, it would have been hard to mix with a fork if I hadn’t diced it.

There are my “coarse crumbs” after the butter is mixed in, and below you can see my batter “resembles frosting.”

Yes I told my kids they couldn’t lick the spoon because it has raw egg… Yes I licked the spoon right after they left the kitchen… #worthit

Side note: Sally says to set aside 1 cup of the flour/sugar/butter mixture for the topping, and I go ahead and put it in the fridge. That way the butter stays cold, and my crumbs won’t sink into the cake.

I don’t have a 9″ springform pan, so I used my 10″ glass pie plate and it came out fine. Since a pie plate is wider at the top, the crumble layer comes out thinner than it would otherwise, but I’m okay with that. Also I think the cake itself comes out thinner, so I decreased the cooking time to 45 min.

You can see above just before pouring crumble topping on, and below ready for oven.

And baked!

So moist and perfectly dense as coffee cake should be. If you try it, let me know!


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