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Hello, fellow crafters! How is everyone? What brings you here today? Maybe it’s the Vibrant Vintage CAL! Or a freebie pattern! Or just a quick look around for some creative inspiration. Whatever the reason, I can guess with 100% accuracy that it wasn’t to find a great recipe for coffee cake.. Nonetheless, I decided to carve out a very small area of my website – and fill it with chocolate chip cookies.. If you stumbled down this far on the Menu, then I welcome you to the newest section of my website: Sunday Baking.

The idea has knocked around in my mind for way too long, and I feel like there are bunches of crafters who are also bakers that would benefit from some shared favorite recipes.

My baking hobby started quite recently in the Summer of 2015, when I suddenly had the urge to add “our Mom was always baking” to my children’s future narration of their childhoods. From that moment forward, it was my mission to incorporate baking into our kitchen routine. The first recipe I ever made was the Best Ever Pumpkin Muffins by Lovely Little Kitchen. They came out tough, dense, and bitter… But I stuck with it, baking every moment I could, and buying every odd ingredient to throw in. First, I tried recipes with “Best Ever” or “The Perfect” in the title, and then I tried “copycat” recipes for our favorite big brand retail sweets. (I’m looking at you, CopyCat Chick-fil-A Cookies.)

Nowadays, if I’m home and there isn’t a hook in my hand, then I can almost guarantee you there’s a wooden spoon and a whisk. In fact, I bake so much that I had to make a personal promise (to my waistline – ha!) to only bake on Sundays, because any new recipe would have me in the kitchen testing in a heartbeat – sometimes even twice a day. Nobody needs that much coffee cake..

In my endless cookie and cake endeavors, I have managed to stick to extremely basic baking utensils to save money and curb dishwashing. I use only a 1 cup measure (eyeballing quarter, half, and three-quarter cups), and only a half-tablespoon scoop (eyeballing a teaspoon: .5tbs = 1.5tsp). Also, I scoff at every recipe that calls for two bowls for wet and dry.. There’s just no way.. The wet goes it and gets mixed, then the dry gets poured in. I sprinkle the leaveners all over for better distribution.

Is this lazy baking? Perhaps.. But my time and money are better spent elsewhere, and the kids gobble everything I bake despite the shortcuts.

Getting to the point, I’ve amassed many go-to recipes and adapted them to my liking, so they are full of flavor and just perfect every time.. I simply have to share. Hope you all enjoy!



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