Vibrant Vintage CAL

VVCAL – Week 15

Welcome to the fifteenth week of the Vibrant Vintage CAL! We've made 30 squares so far - I think! hehe I lost count... If you're getting that overwhelming feeling also because you've just joined along with us, please don't fret! take your time to catch up, and remember, you can always work a smaller blanket... Just tag progress in… Continue reading VVCAL – Week 15

Free Patterns

Celtic Lace Junior and Mini! 

Hello again! Today I have another option for joining your Vibrant Vintage CAL squares. It's actually two options, because I have a Junior version and a Mini version of the Celtic Lace Join for you, so you can choose the perfect width join for your square size. Try this pretty edging in a built tough,… Continue reading Celtic Lace Junior and Mini!