Vibrant Vintage CAL

Planning the VVCAL

Blanket design:

Please see the VVCAL Main Page, here for tons of great info including yarn options, weekly CAL schedule, and more!!

Color palette for squares:

Palette nabbed from Little Tin Bird – with just a couple adjustments due to my yarn diet lol – so I used what I had onhand… All Stylecraft Special DK except for one ball of New Fashion DK in Aspen (the ball without the band).

Border colors sorted:

For now! We’ll see if I change them later.
Planning commenced – with Boo Bear helping of course:


This was my first time cutting yarn pieces and taping them to log the color choices. What a fun activity! Boo Bear is the official ball band remover… He chews them right off! Haha
Closeup of my planner for those interested:

I use a hard-bound graph paper moleskine, and I draw in the days of the week. I find that for my needs (kids’ after-school activities and homework, meal planning, BabyLove Brand shop needs and to-dos, project planning, etc etc), the less “forced structure” the better. I can literally draw the lines and make the layout different anytime.

Maybe I’ll do a separate post on how I organize my moleskine planner! It’s a must!

Also pictured is the Sew Ray Me hook roll that I use for my felt pens. I have a tonnn of her hook rolls, many filled with hooks, and some with different pen sets. Highly recommend!

I’m looking forward to revealing this blanket pattern to you all! The positive feedback has been heartwarming, and I’m thrilled to see the community’s different variations.
Look for the start date coming soon!


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