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Flower Hexagon Mini-Tutorial


Floral hexagon! Use this pattern as a cute little variation on your Geometric Lace pattern blankets. See a blanket I made with this motif over here on my Etsy.  

The original GeoLace hex is pictured above on the right hand side, and you can see the left floral version has a little more spice to it. The petal-like edges will straighten when you join your motifs, so don’t worry!

Alright, let’s get started. (US Terms)

Special Stitch – DC cluster as follows: **YO, insert hook in space, YO, draw up loop, YO, draw yarn through 2 loops on hook,  repeat from **, YO, draw yarn through 3 loops on hook.

Chain 3 and join to make ring, or use magic ring if desired.

Round 1: All in ring: SC, Chain 1, DC, Chain 2, (DC cluster, Chain 2) 5 times, join in first complete DC of round.


Round 2: In first chain 2 space: (SC, Chain 2, 2 DC), (2 DC, Chain 1, 2 DC) in next 5 chain spaces, DC in beginning chain space to complete first “corner”. Join in first chain of round.


Round 3: SC in same chain 1 space, [skip 2 DC, (2 DC, chain 1, 2 DC) in between this DC and the next, SC in next chain space] 5 times, (2 DC, chain 1, 2 DC) for final “corner”, join in beginning SC. 


Round 4: All in same SC as join: (SC, chain 3, 3 TR) **SC in next chain 1 space, (3 TR, Chain 2, 3 TR) in next SC, repeat from ** 4 times. SC in next chain space, 2 TR in first SC (where you worked your first sts of this round) to complete first “corner”, join in second chain of round.


Round 5: Work 3 SC in first chain space, SC in all TR and SC around, putting 3 SC in 5 more chain spaces. Join in beginning SC. Cut yarn and finish off! Yay! 🙂



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