Month: March 2015

Continuous Flat Braid Join Tutorial

Part 1: How to join all of your squares up to the final column. Part 2 will include your final left-hand column of squares plus finishing the border. Many of you will say this is confusing and crazy! There is definitely a “light-bulb” moment that has to go off, and then its smooth sailing, and before you know it, you’ll be trying to convert every join so it’s continuous. I’m not technologically advanced enough to make videos, but check our YouTube “continuous granny square join” for some great views of the process. The “continuous” method will be very similar, but obviously the join has a different look since this is flat braid. To begin, you will need finished squares ready to join. My blanket is 4 x 4 12″ squares (16 total). My chosen square is the Circle of Friends square by Priscilla Hewitt (worked with worsted weight yarn held double and a size 9mm hook), plus one DC round (DC in every stitch around, placing 5 DC in all 4 corners). See my adjustments to …