Month: July 2014

Offset Circles Blanket Pattern

Offset Circles just might be my favorite design yet! I made it with a size H hook in my beloved Stylecraft DK Lucy Pack – perfect!! I can’t wait to make it in neutral, sandy tones with pale blues… Luuushh! Available on three convenient crafty websites! Etsy || Ravelry || Craftsy Pattern includes: Offset Circle – Square Motif Offset Circle – Hexagon Motif Half-hexagon gap filler (Offset Circle chopped down the center!) Join as you go instructions! Three great border options! Go get it and fall in love with this funky piece! Advertisements


Polka Dot Blanket Pattern

Polka Dot Blanket Pattern now available on three convenient sites Etsy, Ravelry, and Craftsy! The Polka Dot is a great way to add a fresh breeze to any room décor. I have included three different sizes of hexagon, and the smaller the hex, the more polka dots will fit in your blanket size. I just adore this pattern and will be making it in a variety of colors! Anything will work! Check pattern for ideas to brainstorm. Color placement on sample blanket inspired by the Crazy Circus Wall Decals of 🙂

Painted Hexagons Pattern

Painted Hexagons Pattern $3.75 Available at Etsy, Ravelry, and Craftsy! 🙂 Painted Hexagons is a beautifully constructed piece that will have you feeling like an artist every time you make it. If mobility is a priority, you can crank out all of the motifs on the go, then join them (either with the continuous join-as-you-go in the pattern (it’s best to have already practiced with a continuous JAYG), or with your preferred method)! Then add the simple border and marvel at your updated granny hexagon blanket. Truly a masterpiece! For my sample blanket, I used light weight stash mercerized cotton yarn in a variety of colors and a G (4.25mm) hook. I crochet tighter than the average bird. You could use any weight yarn with your favorite hook. My finished blanket in this pattern with this yarn and hook is about 32×42”.

Free Crochet Square Pattern: Crafter Mystery!

Mystery Square! If you know who made this mystery free crochet square pattern, please let me know and I will link! For now, this square pictured below has been floating around without any credit to artist, designer, or pattern, but I just HAD to make it – such a beautiful sight. And I have these yarns that I have been dying to use in a blanket, but never knew what pattern I wanted to use. Well, now it’s staring me in the face!