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Modern Patchwork Blanket Pattern


See pattern in my Etsy Shop and on Ravelry

Pattern includes:

Three very innovative square block patterns

– Chevron Square, Circle Square, Perfect Granny Square –

Very pretty updated granny border

Instructions to increase blanket size from 32×42″ to any dimensions


  1. norah fahad says

    Do you have youtube chaanel that you post your videos of how to make this lovely blakent ?
    if its not ! Please creat new one becuse your crochet blanket is very very VERY wonderful 😭💗💗💗💛💗💗


  2. Lonna Anderson says

    I purchased this pattern (love it) is there a way to get the instructions for the white cat square?
    Thank you!


  3. Stephanie says

    The cat square link has been removed. Any other locations for the pattern?


  4. Jeannie Done says

    I bought this pattern on craftsy and I am having a hard time with the chevron square, I am a beginner any suggestions?


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